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Can anybody help about name of the person from Taiwan?

Our company has got new partners in Taiwan, i'm to write official mails and keep in touch with them, but till now can't understand: my respondent is a man or woman :(

name is Miya Ke... may be someone knows and will help me to understand?

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    I have a Taiwanese friend. She is a woman, and her name is Miya.

    Hope that will help.

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    Sounds like a female name to me (I am a Chinese but not from Taiwan).

    Why don't you ask your respondent? If you don't want to ask directly, you can try asking:

    What is your name stand for?

    The first letter of the name (Mi), is that commonly used in male or female? What about the second character? (ya)

    How many children do you parents have?

    So, are you the elder child? How many boy or girl? Then, do your math ^_^

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    its female name.....

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