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I'm doing a worksheet and there's one question i can't figure out.

a boy starts to spin a disk and puts a mouse on it, and he accelerates it faster and faster until the disk and the mouse are both spinning around at an alarming rate. what will happen to the mouse if the boy suddenly stops the disk without touching the mouse? will the mouse continue to spin? will the mouse stop with the disk? or will the mouse start moving straight, skidding off the disk?

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    1 decade ago
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    While the disk is spinning, the mouse has to hold on tight or else the centrifugal pseudoforce will push him off the disk.

    Once the disk stops, the mouse better hold on super duper tight or else his inertia will carry him off the disk.

    So the answer all depends on how good the mouse's grip is (and exactly how fast the disk stops). Nothing stops absolutely instantaneously.

  • 1 decade ago

    It will skid off the disc in a straight line because applied force only travels in straight lines. You just removed the apllied force so the mouse will continue to travel in the direction of the last amount of aplied force.

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