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what was the age of the oldest woman that had a baby ever recorded..?

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    Eve had dozens of kids and lived til she was about 900.

    Sarah (Abraham's wife) was well into her 90's when she had Isaac. That would be the oldest reliable recording.

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    At 67, Romanian becomes oldest woman ever to give birth

    AFP | January 16, 2005

    BUCHAREST - A 67-year-old Romanian became the oldest woman ever known to have given birth, although one of her twin girls died shortly afterwards, Bucharest's Giulesti Hospital told a TV station.

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    According to MSNBC it is a 66 year old romanian woman named Adriana Iliescu.

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    you can check with the Guinness people, but I think it is 66. That number sticks in my head for some reason. A helluva age to start raising a child. Nothing is the bible is not believe those is all made up.

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