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Pyramid coincidence?

how is it that millions of years ago the pyrmids and egypt were built and around the same time pyramids were built in other countries, South America, Mexico. Where you know there wouldnt have been contact btw the two countries, how could they have the same plans?

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    Pyramids have also been found in places like China and Japan. Even some have been found off the coast of Japan, that are so old they have been submurged by water.

    Maybe its just a common structure that was considered easy to build at the time. Or maybe there is more to it than that.

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    First, they were not built at "around the same time" the pyramids in Egypt were built nearly 2000 years before the ones in South America. Second the purpose of the various pyramids are different, South American were used as temples and Egyptian as tombs. I believe the Aztec or Incan pyramids were a reflection of their world view, that is a representation of the world.

    There is not much physical similarity between the several types except the *very* general shape.

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