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Does anyone know the serial number for the computer game Tron 2.0? I need it badly and I need it fast.?

I am trying to install this game on my computer but it will not complete without the serial number. Please someone in the video gaming world, please help a new fellow gamer. please help me


ok. are there both numbers and letters in the serial number? and under what section would i find it?

Update 2:

and yes my game is bought legally.

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    If the game is bought legally: look on the back of the dvd cover, look on the inside of the dvd cover, look on the back of the manual and even look inside the manual.

    The serial numer is a series of numbers and letters in a form similar to this : WWWWW - XXXXX -YYYYYY - ZZZZZZ , or some variant thereof.

    If the game is not bought legally, I really can't help you.

    I will tell you however that google is a mighty tool if you need to do some research.

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    1 decade ago

    looks like someone is being an internet pirate if its bought legally you would know about the serial number... if you cant find the serial number contact the company you bought the software from instead of demanding it =] that would make sense if you bought it.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Well, too be onest can't believe you asked that. Get alienware ( even no there exspensive) but yh. Just don't get a mac for gaming !!!

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    It should be in the documentation you got when you bought the game.

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    ay kid heard u need the number i get it for u, oi got this one program that tells me cerial numbers on my phone alls i need is the date u bught it on.

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    Not only do you demand a code for your illegal copy, but you demand it NOW!? Go buy it if you like it that much.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try here

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