Help Someone Please!!!!!!!!Help Someone Please!!!!!!!!?

I have a friend who has been broken up with her boyfriend for about 4-5 months now. She has met a new guy and they all hang out together.They choose to become friends and she thought that was the end of it.He wants to date her again but he has a girlfriend who lives with him and he asks her behind his girlfriends back for them to get back together. She has been in a relationship with him for about 4 years and she never wants to go back to him. He keeps calling her and bothering her but she has a new boyfriend who treats her way better than he ever did. She wants to know how does she left him down easy and distance her self. He thinks she is being mean and hurtful. This is causing problems between her and his girlfriend because she thinks that might do something together. she doesn't want to be mean but she has no other options. Also he has a problem with her visting. he seems to think she has to visit him for weeks at a time. If she says no he will make a big deal and cuss her out.

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    She needs to be firm with him. She probably also needs to break off the friendship.

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    Sometimes you just can not be friends with someone. He honestly sounds like he has issues and they shouldn't be friends. He sounds like he is really possessive and maybe obsessed with her, and that is dangerous. If i were her, i would stop being nice and tell him the relationship has been over and the friendship is over, if he can't handle it, she needs to take out a restraining order on him.

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    Some Drama is not worth your time, make it simple just stop the madness and move forward and understand that hurt feelings will heal in time. And that's a wrap!

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    Another long and boring harangue, about the adolescent love life of even more boring teen agers. does anyboby out there really care about this kind of crap?

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  • tman
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    Call Jerry Springer, I'm sure he can help

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