should i leave him???.....or stick with him???

I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years and in the past i've messed up although i love him. when i left out of town for the summer i cheated on him without thinkin a month later i was pregnant.throughout my pregnancy we were very happy that we were gonna have a baby.In the end we found out that my baby wasn't for him, i was devistated.He broke up with me of course and i was depressed. after 1 month we got back together but only as friends with privleges ofcourse i agreed because i loved him. after another hard month of knowing he was talking to other girls he actually told me he wanted to be with me.He told me he forgave me and that he still loved me, i didn't know what to believe because he treated me bad,calling me names that really hurt me.....i mean don't get me wrong i know i deserved it but he said that he forget about the i dont know what to do because i love him to death. he has his times where he does treat me right but most of the time were always arguing.

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    from personal experience i have learned that if he starts off with you calling you names and arguing with you all the time it means he really hasnt forgiven you and probably have 2 options stay put and put up with the name calling or move on...its hard to leave the one you love but honestly i dont think it will work out...your self esteem will keep falling and you'll have a hard time getting back to your old self...realy you should leave him and work through your depression...remember you not only have yourself to think about anymore you have your precious little one and if you are depressed and cant function how are you going to take care of your baby....i know how it feels when you love someone that much that you think you will be willing to deal with anything this guy dishes out to you...but in the end when you have moved on you will feel better about yourself for not letting anyone bring you down....good luck and God bless

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    Let it go, move on. He's never going to trust you and you are always going to feel guilty. If you guys can remain friends then that is great. (without benefits, just makes it more difficult) But other than that you should just walk away. Maybe you don't really love him like you think you do, you are just trying to find a way to make up to him the wrong you did. What's done is done, you live and you learn. Let it go sweetie.

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    I think he's just trying to get you back for what you did to him, and seriously you deserve it because you cheated on him and had someone elses baby. Don't you think that he will always remember that you cheated on him. I mean you supposeably love him and I don't see how when you sleep with someone else, you probably don't do it anymore, and this is what you should "prove it to him" and show him you've changed, and by this he'll stop what he's doing and you guys will be back to normal. Just remember you were the one who missed up first, therefore you should be the first one to start fixing them. Good Luck. *_*

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    I think you should leave him because he will always think of you as a whore no matter what he says. You're probably not one but that's how men get down. I bet you that he has another chick. you gave him a life long pass. Take it from me, I'm a man!! I do lectures about this type stuff. You can email me Save yourself the heartache because it's going to come!!

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    How could you love a man who would leave a pregnant woman?? In my book, that is a big NO NO!!! You can do better than him, he sounds insecure and very immature - get a real man. And tell him you want a 'real man'. x

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    You need to:

    1.) grow up and use better judgment

    2.) ALWAYS use birth control and protection from STDs

    3.) consider giving your baby up for adoption since you obviously have no idea what your priorities should be

    4.) leave this jerk now!

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