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ILLEGAL Immigration. What's so hard to understand about the world I-L-L-E-G-A-L?


1. forbidden by law or statute.

2. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc.: The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass.

Why do people think there is an excuse to come here illegally? And why do some people think that they should be allowed to stay? I dont understand what people dont get about it.

Its illegal. Just like murder, public intoxication, drunk driving, speeding.

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    Honestly, I don't know if it would be such a big problem if all the illegal immigrants weren't stealing the SSN's of legitimate US citizens, not paying their taxes, etc. I know many of these people ARE working hard and doing things legally and not stealing personal information or anything like that ... but if someone has come into a country and starts to earn money there (often "under the table" or tax free) then there is a problem. I can pretty much bet that if I were to go to a foreign country and do that, on top of expecting them to learn MY language (that part really gets to me about immigrants here), I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be too keen on my presence.

    We can't think of it as a race issue. I honestly don't believe that it IS. It's simply an issue of laws and that people (whatever color or country of origin) are breaking those laws and need to be corrected in some way. I know many have started lives here and have maybe lived here for years ... that's what makes it hard, but ... leave it to the government to jumble it up even more.

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    Simple. If someone admits that illegal immigration is in fact illegal, then that person would have to explain why they are in support of an illegal action. That acknowledgment would undermine the government support that is already being given to those illegal aliens, and would force the increased enforcement of the existing laws on illegal immigration.

    Consider this, I would assume that there are people all over the world that would like to come here also. If we can't control the ones coming illegally form the south, how can we provide an EQUAL opportunity to others that would have to get here on a plane, or ship? THINK about it. This isn't an equal offense to speeding, this is stealing from everyone who already is a citizen, and everyone else who is trying to get here LEGALLY.

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    This happened in my town.......

    An illegal mexican was driving drunk with no license. The cops tried to pull him over. He ran hitting a few cars in the process. He got up to a high rate of speed and lost control of his car. He then hit a car head on. A twenty year old lady who was eight months pregnant. Her 18 month old little girl was in the back seat. The mom died. They tried to do a Cesarean to save the baby but the unborn little girl died also. Her daughter in the back seat lived and seen her mom die. The Mexican was hurt so "we" get to pay for his helicopter flight to the trauma center, "we" also get to pay for his surgery and hospital stay that was about a week. He is now in central prison, "we" are paying to keep him up. He had been deported twice before but kept coming back. Now a little girl is going to never get to know her mom and the husband is still in shock. Illegals are not wanted in this town at all now. People have put signs up where the young mother was killed protesting.

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    Your right theres no excuse, but not many ppl came to "country" illegaly like crossing border, there are ppl who came legally, but they stayed 4 "any reasons" and if u dont know the the reason y they stayed, cuz there'r many problems between families, or money, u'll will never know...the thing is that most of the ppl did not shoose to stay...and yes they are not allowed to stay, but they alredy have a life in "country" and as humans and resonable ppl we cant jugde them, I dont know why some ppl like somehow discriminated illegal ppl (chinese, koreans, mexicans, philipinos, etc) just because they stayed in "country" illegaly. u dont know why, so u dont have the right 2 judge. This is my opinion and some ppl can agree or not.

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    Brilliant. Illegal is illegal. So, theoretically you'd put a 30-year-old guy who smoked a joint, by himself, in his apartment in the same prison cell and with the same sentence as a serial killer. Instead of focusing on the illegal part of illegal immigration, have you ever thought about the immigration part? Do you think Mexican citizens sit around in their mansions watching their big screen T.V.s and when they can't find anything good on decide: "Hey, I know. I'll leave my family and the country of my birth and risk my life crossing the U.S. border so I can go to work for some rich a**hole at slave wages."? The U.S. can send it's military half-way around the world to spread freedom and democracy but it can't do anything for the economy of our neighbors to the south? Hmm.

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    Most people don't want anymore illegal immigration. The "pro-legal" people mostly want the one's here now, who have jobs and are working, to be given a chance to become legal. Then make it easier for other immigrants to come here legally and get jobs. They don't want to continue having immigrants here illegally and continue letting them come here illegally.

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    i bet you that if suddenly a new law made it all of the sudden to cross the border freely and stay there you would still oppose it. how compare immigration to murder, drunk driving or whatever.

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    Don't ever say Illegal Alien in Florida anymore either, I guess to them it is the new N word.

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    The US citizens seems to understand that it is illegal. How do we get our government to see that it is? They are the ones dragging their feet on these issues.

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    The only people who do not understand that word (illegal) are the socies....

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