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Pain with breathing, laughing, and laying down?

This started a few days ago, when I take a deep breath, I sometimes feel a pain in my sternum and in my right shoulder/clavicle. Most of the pain is in the clavicle though and it is especially present when laughing and sometimes with lying down or taking a deep breath. For awhile I could not even take a really deep breath but now I can.

On Saturday night/ Sunday morning I threw up from drinking too much and didn't notice any pain until about monday or tuesday so I doubt it's related but I don't know.

Does anyone know what could have happened? I'm not going to be going to a doctor as it's not enough pain to have me concerned.

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    A strained muscle more than likely.

    Throwing up is a violent action and often people strain muscles, connective tissue around the ribs, etc.

    When you breathe in, you expand the tissue that's been strained and that's what causes pain.

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    I would definatly go with the muscle strain, or pulled muscle. Especially since you mentioned you had vomitted.

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    I had similar symptons and I had walking Pneumonia

    you should see a doctor ...just to make sure everything is ok

    Good Luck

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    I used to have this problem when i was pregnant and throwing up alot. Excessive vomiting can cause you to pull muscles.

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    It could be heartburn. Try taking a Zantac and see if this relieves the pressure.

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    ha i have NO IDEA.. but if its when u move or something maybe u pulled something??

    sorry probably not much help

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