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17 y/o young lady dating a 24 y/o guy ,,?

do you think its right that a 17 y/o is dating a 24 y/o guy who has a son..?.. im very mature for my age .. i graduated highschool at 15 im in college already.. i would like you opinion


turned 17 in jan .. he turned 24 in nov

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    Speaking from experience, I'd have to say no. When I was a 15 year old, I dated a 24 year old man. What he really wanted was an innocent young thing that he could have his way with. He told me he loved me and all that s**t. A young girl is a lot easier to fool than a woman his own age. I'm not trying to insult you, but ALL young people believe themselves to be mature. At your age, you just don't have the life experience to deal with a man of that age. Tell him to go find a woman his own age. You are much safer dealing with guys in your own age range.

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    nicely Im 22 on no account dated all of us, nevertheless virgin. the girls folk my age all are married or with little ones, so I been sorta questioning as much as now somebody youthful, yet i don't comprehend any females now. Ive misplaced touch with all human beings in college, I in basic terms artwork in a small mill thats my existence. Now a 24 with a 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous which may be seen undesirable here. The under pressure component is its criminal for a 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous to be with a 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous.

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    I honestly think it depends on each persons maturity level. I dated a guy 12 years younger than myself. He grew up listening to the same music and we had a lot in common. I've dated men older than I who still act like their in high school.

    So, it depends on the people involved and their relaitonship. Everyone keeps telling me that age is just a number and I believe it's true.

    If your having fun, go for it honey. Good Luck!!!

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    Dating is not too bad, but look at how he is w/baby's mama. He was once "dating" her, too. Remember book smart is not necessarily people smart,and don't fall for the first guy that comes along, there is a big world full of interesting people out there.

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    i think its fine my g/f is 7 years younger then me

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    1 decade ago

    will you be 18 soon at least?

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