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The girl i like is a freshman how do i get her to notice me?

her best friend said she is big on hookups n breaks guys hearts. n most of all she thinks she can get anyone. so how do i get her to notice me? i have no idea. and i get nervous around her. wat do i do?

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    Start by smiling at her get red a little that well do the trick works for me since its almost spring and its kinda hot show alittle chest where sje can see your pex's if you got any that only works if you do .Take it from there.stuff a rose in her locker.

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    Step 1. You have to ask yourself if you really want to go after this girl. Don't think so much though.

    Step 2. Stop any bad habit that could cause her not to like you. Make sure you clean yourself regularly as well.

    Step 3. Talk to her. Whenever you see her, try to start a conversation. Don't get on her nerves, but don't worry about saying something stupid, she will probably laugh.

    Step 4. Try to establish a basic friendship. This can be done by simply talking to her. Once you are friends, then you ask her out or not.

    Step 5. Shine at what you do best and use it to your advantage. For example, if you are smart, try to get all A's. If drawing is your talent, draw her a picture. If sports is your thing, be a star athlete. But, don't just do it for her, do it for yourself too.

    If she breaks it off with you then she's not the girl for you. I wish you good luck.

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    get you a fine looking worbdrobe and makeand make apperance with her everyday and see what happens

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    a single rose in her hand will tell her your interested in her

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