how to keep a 1 year old entertained in a tiny house for more than 5 minutes?

please help

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    What helps me is to think of activities, even if they are small. So every half hour or 15 minutes, I have something planned.

    Books, play dough, beads, trains, snack, show, puzzles, etc.

    Also, it is great to leave house whenever you can. Little kids love to go out usually, so if you have a close by grocery store you can go all the time!

    I'd also look into joining a toy trade place. The ones I know are all local, but I'd ask at your library and also check If your city is on that website, you can find some great ideas!

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    A one year old should be able to self entertain for at least an hour. My 10 month old will crawl around and play with toys, cruise the furniture, etc, for an hour no problem. I'm around, doing dishes, cooking, etc, keeping an eye on him but not entertaining him all the time. If you've always entertained your son, you're going to have to retrain him to occupy himself. PUt him in a safe place with plenty of toys and books--a childproofed room, a playyard, or a crib--and leave him for 15 minutes, even if he cries. Go out of the room so he can't see you, if possible. Then after the time is up go get him and give him some attention. When he gets used to the 15 minutes playtimes, up it to 30 minutes. Etc Etc Etc.

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    Depends on how much you have and if you have any extra money to buy something. Is he/she walking yet? Get some dvd's like baby einstein, an exersaucer or something like that. They have a lot of different toys like little music/drum sets and such. Play with them, read books, try crayons and a coloring book if they have tried those things yet. There's a lot you can do with a one year old, wait until they are 2, then you really will have problems trying to come up with entertaining ideas when all they wanna do is run and cause mischief. ;-) Have fun with your baby.

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    Try plastic bowls and wooden spoons.

    Use an empty wet wipes container and fill it with small them how to open and close it, and drop the toys through the top.

    If you have any empty plastic jugs like soda, water, etc. fill them with a bit of water and a few drops of food coloring. You can also add glitter, beads, or almost anything you can find. You can also try ones without water and just add some salt or sand. Then super glue the lids.

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    Besides possibly putting on a video for them, try taking them outside (if the weather permits). Children love to run and play and touch the things around them. Give them finger paints and let them paint on a large piece of paper. Give them a bath ... that should be good for around a half an hour. Play hide and seek. There are lots of things to do. Probably not enough room for me to list them all here. Good luck to you!

    Source(s): Mother of three under 5
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    Give the 1yr old a basket of clean towls to pull out or let her/him play in your cookers. Both of my children love to play in both of the above. My 1yr old daughter loves to get in to every thing and when I let her get into the towls or cookers she thinks she is doing something she isnt supossed to do and it keeps her entertained for quite a while. Good Luck

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    My son is 20 months when he jsut would not stop i would give him his key board and he loves it he will play with it for 30 mins if you dont have one another thing is get some bowls and a wooden spoon give it to your child and show them how to bang it on the bowls it is like playing the drums it is loud but they have fun

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    get an exersaucer.

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