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How long before we defeat Political Islam?

Being that it is a negative, nostalgic and reactive movement that does not serve good Muslims well, as a humanist I would like to see it constrained and defeated. What say you?

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    If you refer to those practitioners that enjoy engaging in violence and terror:

    It is going to take a long time, much like the Cold War.

    The roots of terror run deep, the moderate voices are being drowned out, yet like all nihilistic causes it is doomed to fail because even if it succeeds, it still fails.

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    We will defeat political Islam, when we first, as a global community, abandon the very irrational notions, that give religion primacy in the political sphere. Our nation, after all, is not immune to religious fundamentalists influencing the political climate. Why do you think Bush got elected in the first place, and was given carte blanche to commit a virtual “crusade” on behalf of the western Christian powers? Its because we have religious zealots of our own in the electorate who are essential in the formation of our foreign policy.

    Sam Harris, the erudite and eloquent author of the book “The End of Faith”, so deftly states that even the people who are religious moderates contribute to an environment ideal for the dominance of fanaticism. The moderate holds as a sacred principle that one thing that is beyond criticism is ones personal religious convictions. The moderate, as tolerant as he is of all sorts of aberrant ideologies, will not tolerate the tools of rationality being applied to the most fundamental tenets of religious belief such as the very existence of God, and having our laws and morals being grounded in arcane religious principles. This sheltering of religion by moderates, gives fundamentalists free reign to grow their movement to large and dangers proportions.

    In the final analysis the defeat of political Islam, along with other forms of religious fanaticisms, can only come about when we stop treating religious maxims as sacrosanct. Regardless of how innocent a belief system may seem initially, when it is not hemmed in by the voice of reason, it will eventually have dire consequences for humanity. The best way to end the tyranny of Islam in the Middle East and in the world, is to secularize the Middle East. A singular secular humanist voice that can reach the people of the Muslim world, can have a greater and a longer lasting effect than all the smart bombs America can produce.

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    What kind of Political Islam did you have in mind??? Democracy or Theocracy? Islam is a religion, with book called the Koran from which they take their moral precepts and theology. The basis of their beliefs must be understood if there is to be any progress. We are not going to get anywhere by calling each other Satan!!! In the Middle Ages the Catholic Church promoted the militaristic Crusades against Islam in the Holy Land. I expect that if we take as our goal the defeat of Political Islam we will be as successful / unsuccessful as the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

    I wish to have you consider two verses the first one is from the Bible the second one from the Koran.

    BIBLE Psalms 34:14

    Depart from evil and do good,seek peace and pursue it.

    KORAN (The Accessions) 8:61 YUSUFALI translation

    But if the enemy incline toward peace, do (also) incline toward peace and trust in Allah for He is One that heareth and knoweth ( all things).

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    It has been around longer in other forms than amy form of Christianity.

    As an agnostic , I wonder which of the 2 has the most devout followers.

    God is God Is God........... Religious faith has been at the root of most of mankinds tragidies. Next in line is nationalism / tribalism. Natural disasters is near the bottom of the list. We should have stayed in the trees.

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    I am not sure. I think the danger is people tend to project their feelings of fear and hatred thay have for Muslims, onto the Muslims. I don't think political Islam is dangerous. I think Islamic fascism is. I do not think political Christianity is, but Christian fascism is.

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    Islam is a religion - well, a cult - AND a political movement.

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    Islam is a religion, not a political ideology.

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    We should pull out of Iraq and stop making more of the terrorist kind.

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    I say ok.

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