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My contacts keep moving around my eyes!?

I've been wearing contacts for years. I used to have colored contacts and loved them, but when I got married my husband liked me with clear ones better. I switched from Freshlooks to Acuvue...which was fine. Well I'm going on a long 6 wk trip and wanted colored contacts so I ordered from 1800-contacts. They are in and they keep moving around in my eyes. It looks really bad too because they are colored and you can totally see them moving. I'm leaving in a couple days and can't do anything about returning/exchanging them right now. Is there anything I can do or use (like drops, etc.) to make them stop doing this? Or will they eventually just stop? Whats the reason for this?

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    They are not fitting correctly for your eyes. If you have astigmatism correction, they can change the way the lenses rotate into position, but if not, then you probably should try a different brand. Your optometrist should be able to provide trial pairs of other types.

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    With Pataday , you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes afetr putting in the drops, before you can put your contacts on. Have you been doing that ? If not, then your contacts have absorbed the medication, and that is causing them to dry out. If you have been waiting the required time, then your eye is probably just drying out because of the allergy. Many people can't wear their contacts while the allergies are flaring up.

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    maybe its kinda loose on you. ive been wearing contacts for years too and it has happened to me. i have this gross habit of allowing my friends to try my colored contacts on. it just slips around and moves in their eyes. after a while the lenses kinda conform to the shape of your eyeball or whaatever it is that it adheres to, maybe it is the oter way around. try to cleanse them properly. soak at least 4 hours in solution a day. replace solution when you are taking them off. consult with an optometrist. maybe the brand you got just doesn't suit you.

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    They are just not the right size for you. You might just go get another pair because if you keep on wearing them u can make it toward where u cant wear contacts again.... well thats what my doctor told me!!!!!! Just get them changed!!

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    they the wrong size/curvature. Your eyes can change shape, thats why the Op always checks the curvature when you get an exam. You probably need a new size of lens.

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    You really shouldn't order from anyplace on net just b/c you need to be fitted, the ones you got aren't for your eye structure so thats why they move, i would go to your own eye doc. and get new ones.

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    if i was you i would go exchange them. i have contacts to and when i first got them that's what they did. so go exchange them, then when you get back from you trip order the color ones again you just have to get use to them first.

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    Something like that happened to me a couple years back. It would irritate the hell out of my eyes. I would return them. Something is wrong with them.

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    They don't make quality anymore

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    Just tell them to stop.

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