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why is generation Y (meaning.. the adolescence and young adults of today) so politically apathetic today?

in other words, why are the teenagers and people of early 20's today are so not concerned or interested in what is going on in the political world?

please help me.


and please state the causes of why we are what we are right now.


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    What a great question, because the parents of this generation have shielded them from so much and pacified them with material things they have not a clue what the hell is going on. They do not feel the connection to anything political because Mom and Dad will handle it as they do everything else. I do not have to think or reason, or be concerned with global warming, the war in Iraq, the crime rate, the job market. When it becomes their turn should be what concerns us more. They truly are clueless. It is so sad, and a little scary.

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    I think that is a very broad generalization. I care. I like John Mayers song 'Waiting on the World to change' I think its very true. We care but we feel like theres nothing we can do about it. I will assume you are older. Do you remember when you really liked a president? My mom and I discussed this and she remembers a time when people were really confident in their presidents, when they really though they were there for the people - like JFK. I have never felt that way in my life. I vote for the lesser evil (ok, thats a bit extreme, but you get my point) I think we as a generation have no faith in politics or politicians. Also if you are part of the baby boomers, you had more say just because of sheer numbers. You still have the numbers, so still have the say.

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    Why should they be?

    Even when the one you vote for wins, they lie, filander (and get caught), and cannot be trusted. How do you know what they're REALLY for anyway?

    I saw the presidential debate between Bush, Clinton, and Perot. Bush said things that sounded good without saying anything, and Clinton did it better, then Perot gave a clear plan of specifically what he was going to do - and although I voted for him, he lost. And then in later years he did his whole "can I finish?" thing. Enough already.

    George Carlin says he doesn't vote, why: I have a right to complain because I DON'T vote. That's because when the politicians screw things up, I had nothing to do with putting that person in office, but you people DID. YOU created this mess.

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    With the last two elections going the way they did, I don't believe my vote counts. When the majority of the people vote for someone that doesn't get elected, why should I waste my time voting anymore?

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    I'm not that concerned because it's not that interesting to me. Perhaps in the future when there is something I really care about, I'll get into it more.

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    because this generation is so used to having things flashy and instantaneous, so politics seem boring. plus they dont teach politics in school, so the only way you can be opened to it is if you go researching it on your own.

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    The devil is catering to their minds in school, in games, on the Internet and definitely music. Television exploits sexual conduct for them.

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    because we are too busy being young and having fun.

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    cos it wouldnt make any diffeerence politicians just do what they want

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