Stretch Marks?

I have 3 children. The smallest one is now 7 and I have very visible stretch marks. They're white now but they look like scars. Could I still use Vitamin E or would I have to have them surgically removed?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    See dermatologist. You might be able to use Retin-A to get rid of them.

    In the meantime, keep your skin well moisturized w/ vitamin E cream or cocoa butter. It may not help your get rid of your stretch marks, but it will help make your skin smoother and less tight.

    A few articles re: stretch mark removal methods:

  • Kris L
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    1 decade ago

    You should NEVER have your 'stretch marks' surgically removed ... you'd simply be replacing the stretch marks with scar tissue. You can still rub Vitamin E on your stomach, but you should also try other things ... Aloe Vera (usually used to soothe burns) helped my stretch marks go away faster ... and if you 'diet' and have lost a lot of weight 'suddenly' (anything more than two pounds a week) your stretch marks will look 'horrid' until you 'skin shrinks' to your new 'size' ...

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    I don't think there is a way to get rid of stretch marks. Be proud that you have them since your babies are why. Look at it like this they put a mark on your body that will stay with you forever and it was all because you love them enough to have them..

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    Hi. Aside for laser surgery, there are cheaper ways to help your stretch marks. There are products that you can use that will decrease their appearance and help with toning and firming your skin. You want to use a beneficial water based product that will penetrate your pores and deeply condition and hydrate your skin. Arbonne has an amazing body serum that is botanically based and perfect for pregnancy masks and firming your skin. I've seen really awesome results on my stretch marks around my upper hips and thighs after having my two children. It's really helped to visible tone that area as well. I would be happy to send you a free sample if you're open to giving it a try.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Vitamin E only tries to prevent them like when you were pg. it helped them stop itching.

    I've tried everything and i have them EVERYWHERE! LITTERLY and I just chalk it up as Childbirth Scars. Sorry!I think you might be able to get them surgically removed but i"m sure it's a lot.

    Good luck!


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    read tips on reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars on this site

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    Sorry, hon, but from my personal experience, they are now as good as they're going to get on their own. I don't think the vitaman e will make a difference. Don't beat yourself up over them...a small price to pay for the joys of motherhood, don't you think? (i say that half sarcastically, but kidding!)

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