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Why do I feel so horrible and I quit smoking?

Why do I feel so horrible and I quit smoking?

I recently quit smoking....its going on about 6 or 7 weeks now. During my quitting venture I have heard alot of different things. Like I heard the first week is the hardest and that after that first week all the nicotine is out f your system, but for me it was hard the first week, 2nd week easy, 3rd started to get harder, now not so much though. The weirdest thing is though is that I thought I would feel better, be able to breathe better, just not feel so tired. I sometimes now have a harder time breathing than when I smoked!! Although I don't think I will, I think to myself I might as well have kept smoking cuz I don't really feel any better.......

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    Don't start smoking again. Fix the issues that are causing the problems. The biggest problem with smoking is that the smoke contains incredibly harmful chemicals that have polluted your body. Actually it contains about 4,000 and 200 of them are highly toxic to the body and create nutritional deficiencies.

    First, the nicotine replaces the chemical that your body normally produces in the synapse of each nerve. When you smoke, the nicotine supplies the nerves, but when you stop, your body has to produce this again. This takes time.

    Smoking masks other problems as well because you can artificially feel good when you smoke. It's the primary reason it is so hard to stop. You have cells in your lungs that act as goblet cells called Stellate cells. These cells are phagocytic and eat the smoke, as well as things like dust, etc. and store it in your lungs. And the small bronchial tubes get clogged. The more you smoke, the more clogged they get. When you stop, it does not solve the problem as a lot of people think. You will always have an issue with this. A lot of people die because they just can't get a good deep breath as they age and this lack of oxygen slowly kills them.

    We know that 99% of all cancer is from infections. Generally a low grade infection that lasts for several years creates this problem.

    If you quit smoking, you will reduce the damage, but not get rid of it. If you improve your diet, you have a chance of increasing your life expectancy.

    By quitting, the benefits to health are well worth the effort. The good news is that once a smoker quits the health effects are immediate and dramatic. After the first day, oxygen and carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal. At two days, nerve endings begin to grow back and the senses of taste and smell revive. Within two weeks to three months, circulation and breathing improve. After one year of not smoking, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 50%. A smoker who quits for good often feels a lot better too, with less fatigue and fewer respiratory illnesses after getting over the several month period. Unfortunately, only 20% of those who attempt quitting succeed.

    Stay the course, you will feel better. You need to give your body the nutrients it needs to repair itself and to build a strong body.

    Source(s): many years of nutritional studies
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    I know a girl that got hypnotised and it worked for her. From the time she left the office she didn't feel like smoking again. It has been a year now. She actually smokes with friends at a party now and again and doesn't get addicted again. It was about $150 but it would save you so much money in the long run. It is only one treatment.

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    You know i had the same experience and I went through the same thing except I started smoking again. My husband quit when I did and he didnt't start back up, but for him he feels GREAT. Now I feel like I need to quit again but I too felt like crap!! I quit for four months and everyday I thought about it. It was easy quitting but hard staying that way.

    Good luck and try taking some daily vitamins-my husband did and he said that is what helped him with feeling YUKKY

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    Well it might be just you having withdrawls. haha But I am going on my 7 month without a cigarette and I do just fine. I work out a lot more even though I am prego now. But I still feel fine. I actually get sick NOW just smelling smoke from other people. I drink more water than what I did. Maybe if you drink more water, you will feel better.

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    My husband and I quit in 2005 and we did ok for a couple months then came Christmas time and more stress.I was handling it ok until my husband starting smoking around me. I couldn't stand being around anyone who smoked .I wanted it like crazy when I saw someone smoking.So we both started back.Breathing will get better ,it did for me anyway.So don't give is all I can say. I wish I could quit again but its really hard when life is stressful and you are around people who smoke.Good luck

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    Throw away all cigarettes, ashtrays and lighters and anything else that could advise you of smoking. Wash your clothing and clean your car to get rid of the scent of smoke.

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    Eat a jolly rancher everytime you feel a craving. And the lungs are probably healing. It takes time for them to heal. You will feel m uch better once all the tar has released from your lungs.

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    u feel horrible because u did stop smoking and your body needs it also go see a doctor u might have harmed something inside and your still killin yourself eventhough u quit

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    where there's a will, there's a way...who said life is easy..of course u have to undergo all those inconveniences b4 u ever find success. bear wt it and be happy wt the result.

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    Maybe it is more emotional than physical. Try meditation or yoga.

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