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How do I fix an anti siphon valve?

The valve broke during a recent freeze.

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    just replace it the tube from the seat to the outlet has probably split. they cost less than 20.00 and you will have to remove it for repair anyway

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    You can try disassembling it and check for every components that failed and buy them. Then reinstall.

    Honestly, replace the whole thing. Sometimes, some brand will sell only the valve component itself and that part breaks easily in a freeze, you have to specifically ask for that from the hardware store. It would not save you a lot, but will save you on labor compared to reinstalling the whole unit. There are brands that do not have a separate valve unit, then you will have to buy the whole assembly. Sometimes if they are easy to disassemble, simply get the valve and install that, saving you from repiping work.

    Also depends what kind of anti-siphon valve you are talking about, I am assuming the ones used for irrigation.

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