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Opinion on vomiting cat.?

Lately my 16 year old cat has been vomiting about 4 or 5 times a day, I'm worried about him but I think I may know why. For the past few months we have been giving him Moloxicam which is a medecine to reduce the pain on his arthritis. However we ran out rust a few days ago and are waiting for a new subscription. Since we didnt want him to be in pain for the last few days we took the cap off the bottle and fed him some of the more concentrated medecine that formed at the bottom. The vomiting has started about 1.5 days after we started doing this and has been going on for almost 2 days (we stopped giving him the medecine). What I'm wondering is if you agree with me that the more concentrated medecine may be causing the vomiting, and If a trip to the vet is still necessary (Hes old and vet trips are rough on him), or if it will just go away on its own. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Note: The medecine never made him vomit before until we started the concentrated amounts.


Hes been going to the bathroom fine, but hes stopped eating since the vomiting started.

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    You need to contact your vet. There is many things that could be going on with a 16 year old cat.

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    I understand what you mean about the vet being hard on older cats, and they get so stressed. I think you are right about what is causing the vomiting, see if his vomiting stops in the next day or two, if so I don't think he needs to go to the vet. It's so hard to know, stressing them with a trip to the vet can be awful difficult for an older cat. Lets hope he stops vomiting and is ok today or tomorrow. If not maybe you could call the vet first and see if they suggest anything without seeing him.

    Good Luck!

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    The best person to contact would be the vet. Give them a call and ask them if the concentration of Moloxicam could irritate his stomach so much that it could make him vomit. It might be that or it could be something else so think about how he's been acting, besides the vomiting. Is he lethargic, how are his bathroom habits, has he been eating? The doctor may want to see him just to make sure he's not dehydrated.

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    You need to contact your vet ASAP. It could be signs of a serious issue such as a toxic reaction to the drug. Cats are highly susceptible to kidney damage from drugs and drug overdoses so don't mess around.

    A cat that vomits that much is also in danger from the fluid loss. Make sure he is getting plenty to drink. IV fluids may be needed due to his age.

    If the vet says this is a toxic issue you can detoxify him. This will flush the toxins out and settle intestinal troubles. I have used edible clay (Terramin / Nutramin) which you can get at most health food stores or online. One teaspoon mixed with a can of cat food will normally do the trick overnight. Toxins cling to the clay and are flushed out. Here is a link to more info but I would try and find it locally as speed is an issue.

    I've used this on my cats and on myself and it works very fast and is safe. It's used at zoos and such. Some vets are familiar with it and some aren't. Good luck

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    Stop the medicine entirely for at least five days to see if that is causing the problem. He will not suffer from not having it for a short period and the vomiting is much worse for his system.

    Then, of course, if you return to dosing him get the dosage right as prescribed by the vet.

    I used a homeopathic remedy for my old cat's arthritis and it helped her a lot. I also use it for my arthritis and don't need aspirin or other NSAIDS anymore for pain. It won't cause a stomach upset.

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    CALL YOUR VET. Your 16 year old cat is vomiting frequently and not eating. Whether or not the cause was the medication, he needs some attention now. CALL YOUR VET. This forum does not substitute for individual veterinary advice and care.

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    At 14 years old, first permit me say you have performed extremely some precise issues to your cat. 14 is a ripe old age for any feline. thinking Ezra's age, he could be having trouble digesting complicated cat nutrition, and while it comes returned up mushy he has an extra basic time with it. attempt giving him canned nutrition, something delicate to the tummy like 9 Lives poultry style. returned, congratulations on the great activity you have performed with Ezra!

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    yes that is probably the reason and as you know he is getting old.if you see him start doing this when you give him new medicine and it continues and it looks like he is suffereing but i doubt you know the best thing to do is let him go. we have an hold cat and he coughs and is very sad.but yes if it gets worse ake him to the vet.they may have something that dosn't need a discription.we got a medicine for our cat and it tastes like samon(what it says) and i guess it really does because our ca loves it!have a hapyy and good life with your cat.

    Source(s): try some purina has cycles to keep there bones healthy.good luck!i know because i used to have 5 i am down to two and i miss them dearly!
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    vomiting old cat can not be ignored see a vet ASP. When my cat had arthritis pains I gave her Bach flowers remedy (rescue)

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    Has your cat been drinking Jim Beam? Have him/her lay off the bottle!

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