What can I remove from the linux kernel?!?

Hereis another stab at my questions as my last one get deleted because it seems to be a vialation of yahoo policy to ask abount linux! What can I remove from the kernel to make the thing smaller and more agile. does anyone have a copy of an original linux kernel from way back when so I can compare the newest one with the oldest one?


would gcc 3.3.4 be enough to re-compile the source code?or do I need something with more oomph

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    1 decade ago
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    Is the binary of Linux too big for you? Use "make menuconfig" / "make xconfig" / etc. to remove features you don't need. MANY devices, filesystems and other features are there by default, so you can save a lot of space by removing them.

    If you can't get the Linux kernel small enough for your needs (which you should be able to, given the widespread use of Linux in embedded devices), I recommend going with a different kernel (one with a microkernel architecture, like QNX [ http://www.qnx.com/ ] for example) instead, rather than trying to hack out parts of Linux.

    As far as old Linux kernels go, kernel.org has some old ones, going back to 1.0 it looks like:


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