Lyrics- The Gypsy Fiddler?

Haha ok...laugh at me..but the first part of a song that I sang back in my highschool choir days are stuck in my head...and I'm afraid it will be that way until I remember the rest of the lyrics...

Heres the first part

"A lady went walking in the Valley one day...Picking flowers to put in her wedding boquet..." something something something "And the day was bright and sunnnnny. But her heart was cold she was marrying for money, fa-la-la-la-fiddle all day"....

I'm can't stop singing the butchered first verse...HELP ME!!

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  • 6 years ago

    What are the chances??? I am looking for the very same song and for the same reason. 9th grade chorus! I just loved that song and it is so frustrating to not be able to find it. I can help with some more of the song though... A lady was walking through the forest one day picking flowers to carry in her wedding bouquet. (She was young and fair) (maybe??) and the day was bright and sunny but her heart was cold she was marrying for money tra la la la fiddle all day...... words I can't remember?....... a gypsy was sitting in the shade of a tree with his bow and his fiddle and his heart young and free. (She was young and fair) (maybe that goes here?) she was trim around the middle so the gypsy smiled took his bow and took his fiddle tra la la la fiddle all day.... That's all I remember in that order but there are other lines about her soon to be hubby being fat and bald and his face was kind of funny but he was rich so even though she loved the gypsy she chose the rich one. She ended up leaving a purse with money for the gypsy where they were supposed to meet. The line "money or love" appears a few times too. The song ends something like .... She heard him in the blizzard and she heard him in the snow though they found the lady frozen, for the first time in her life she was warm.

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    Gypsy Fiddler

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    Lyrics on demand has almost all of the songs ever sung!

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