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gaining muscle "The easy way" for a skinny person?

If I work out on a tread mill (only) for two hours a day, and i go swimming about twice a week, how long would it take me to build muscles? Also, what is the fastest and easiest wayy to gain 20 pounds? how long would that take??

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    whoa whoa....whoa

    Cardio (treadmill, swimming) won't help you reach your particular goal of gaining muscle.

    The basic concept: To get big, you need to eat big and lift weights. Eating big means to get in more calories than you burn.

    Doing all that cardio, especially at 2 hours a day, will burn up the calories...leaving you with nothing to build muscle.

    I'm sorry to say that you have this very wrong. Go onto to look up on some 'bulking' articles

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    Build Ripped Muscle Fast

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    i could say in simple terms attempt to have larger food. the sole undertaking with gaining alot of weight while your youthful is that this is not any longer stable for you while your older! you have gotten growth stunt, and this is not any longer stable for you. consume larger parts, no longer in basic terms protein or notwithstanding, you nonetheless could desire to consume healthily, so in simple terms make your 'plate' larger. pass on youtube, and form in what you opt for! there will be tens of millions of movies! additionally, all i became into going to assert became into do push and take a seat united statesa. homestead, why no longer?! i do no longer pass to the well being center, yet have a six p.c.. slowly springing up, so in case you probably did the two... you may get there speedier.

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    It's a process. Slowly work on increasing your work outs and weight training. As you train your body, it will respond and you will be able to develop muscle mass. If you push too hard and too fast, you will only not get results, you will "crash" and will have flu-like symptoms.

    Source(s): Dave Saunders, NC, DNEH Certified Nutritional Educator and Wellness Coach, ANA Member of the American International Association of Nutritional Education (AIANE)
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    it would not take long depending on you it all depends on your age, weight, staminna that seems a little extreme to be doing everyday you have to give your body a break get back to me with those details and ill help you out if i can

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