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Why are there so many stuck up women?

There's some areas I have been where the women are just really assholians. Guys will approach them and they won't even hear what they have to say and strike them down. Whats up with that? They think that they're too good to be hit on? I don't understand.

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    Newsflash: We are NOT required to hear what you have to say. If we aren't interested in you, why even let the conversation go on. It has nothing to do with being too good to be hit on, maybe we don't want to be hit on at the moment or just not interested. This you can understand.

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    Hang in there! Some ladies are playing a little too hard to get. (We've heard guys LIKE this). Also, it depends what friend(s) the woman is with. Her attitude may be for her friends benefit....and, is it possible that she is just having a bad day, moment, whatever? Ladies should have in mind their "preferences" in men when they are out socially, just like men do. But hey, haven't you noticed "people act too good for" even when they're at work, and you're the customer? Keep being Positive. Be real. Things aren't always what they seem...

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    The same reason that there are so many stuck up men! When someone is "stuck up" it actually extends from feeling insecure about themselves. Also some people are taken for being "stuck up" because they are shy. Then you have the people like Paris Hilton, her "stuck upness" comes from being extremely spoiled, and having absolutely no class. So before you judge, strike up a small conversation, if they are shy ( or just quiet) you will know pretty fast. On the other hand if you strike up a conversation with someone and they are stuck up and give you the brush off, just smile and say as your walking away " wow i feel sorry for you" .

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    Unfortunately, if you are not a girls type they will shut you down quick style even if they are not like that all the time. A cute guy comes along and those same stuck-up girls go stupid for the guy. But being honest the same thing goes for guys, a

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    assholians??? LMAO That's so funny

    I'm not sure why women tend to be like this, I always try to be polite to people that talk to me. When a guy approaches me, I will smile and tell him thank you for the compliment and (I'm usually with my boyfriend and he has gone to get drinks etc.) I tell them that I'm with someone or if he is not with me I thank them and politely decline their offer to dance etc. I have very good luck with men telling me thank you and how polite I am and that hes a very lucky guy.

    Its just stupid to be rude to someone that comes to talk to you, after all they are giving you a compliment by approaching and why ruin it for the next girl if you are not interested?

    On the other hand some guys do not know when to go away, after a point sometimes the only way to get them to go away is to be blunt.

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    Maybe because your the 40th guy too hit on them that day, and your predecessors were less than respectful, when shown a lack of interest. ( Which happens much too often, and makes you glad you never fell for their "mr nice guy" first impression on approaching you. )

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    No most likely their too shy to respond, or they feel offended. Believe it or not some women DO NOT like it when men compliment them.

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    Then those women aren't worth your time. Just move on. Karma, what goes around, comes around and she'll get hers. Some women just stuck on an ego trip, just like some guys.

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    soooo many of them think that they are hollier than thou when the truth is that many of them look like they came outta the rear of a fat cow

    snobby people suck---but i hear what u are saying and i am not a snobby gal

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    The world is getting worse year by year. I'm glad I'm not like that. I actually give people chances and I am very accepting of other people =]

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