why don't people think about the 4 other democrats running for pres other than hil & obama?

Why do people assuem that the race is just down to them when there are other better more experienced candidates?


for the people who say hil and obama have the most expreience... Obama has been a senator for one term !

and hillary fo rnot much more

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    First, ther is more than four other canidades running in the Dem Party. Second, the press runns with Hilary and Obama because they are at the top of the popularity list for this party; and every one wants to see the first woman (finally) president and the first (finally) african-american president. Though it is true, Current New Mexico State Govener Bill Richardson has more experience in politaics at this high level, being that he is part mexican is putting a crimper on his run (the mexican/american border problem). Hope this helps.


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    You may think they are better and more experienced, but most of the country doesn't agree with you. I have looked at the other candidates, and though they are decent ones for the most part, they don't have what Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama have. The large field of candidates on both sides of the aisle will shrink as the candidates likely to get the nomination surge forward. It's always like this. Some lesser supported candidates get into the race in hopes of being chosen as VP. It's not really an assumption, it's just historical. It's always been like this - though there is usually a dark horse that eventually emerges to throw a monkey wrench in the works. The three top Democratic candidates are Clinton, Obama and Edwards. That won't change, only the support poll numbers will change - over and over and back and forth for the next year and a half.

    EDIT: Hillary's six years as a Senator, and her eight years as a highly involved working First Lady give her a great deal more experience than Obama.

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    It's more than 4 others:

    Senator Joe Biden of Delaware

    Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut

    Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina

    Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska

    Representative Dennis Kucinich of Ohio

    Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico

    As well as a few who are expected to join the fray:

    Retired General Wesley Clark of Arkansas

    Al Sharpton of New York

    Former Vice President Al Gore of Tennessee

    The reason people are focusing on Clinton and Obama is that they are the "front-runners" and most media-friendly. My local TV station (I live in NH, first in the nation primary) announces every time Clinton and Obama come for a visit, but overlook most of the others. Kucinich, who I saw last weekend, and Clark are still 2 popular people here from 2004. Unfortunately, lack of adequate media coverage may well serve a death sentence to more able candidates.

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    the exact same reason the republicans only focus on mccain and guiliani. they are the only ones who have a chance. you have a dark horse on each side (romney and edwards) that can possibly make a push, but will more than likely be going for VP. the other candidates dont have the star power nor the charisma nor the support of other democrats to make a push. the media doesnt control who is popular like others suggested....its all about who contributes to the campaign, and more democratic people are sponsoring them. therefore, they get more attention and more coverage.

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    Because Clinton and Obama are the "glamorous" and "controversial" ones right now. It says something not very flattering about the press and all of us that we are not considering ALL the candidates on their merits.

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    I agree.

    Obama has very little experience and Hilliary has shown to be very mean spirited and I don't think she can keep her cool long enough to be elected plus all of her former partners in jail or dying mysteriously.

    You would think that there would be a push for someone more electable.

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    i agree, but i think people are making a big deal because obama is one of the first black people running for president and hilary is the first lady to run for president.

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    We know there are other candidates. But there are none as likely to provide as much entertainment as those two.

  • Bailey
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    because hillary is a joke and obama is a nut ball too

    people like to talk about the dumbells out there

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    obama will be the first black president and Hillary will be the first women president.

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