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Where can I find the paint program that came with windows98?

Windows crashed on my computer and it vanished. I reinstalled everything and was not able to get it back. Where can I find just the paint program?

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    Since you reinstalled the program I am assuming you have the original Windows 98 software, probably a CD but maybe floppies.

    If you have a CD then you only need to put the CD in the drive. It will usually automatically open the install program for that drive. You don't need to install the entire program again, so exit the Install program and select Browse. If you can identify the Paint program, you can install that particular file.

    If the Install program does not open automatically, then go to My Computer and select the drive with the CD (usually D), but your computer might be different if you have, say, multiple hard drives. You will then go to the Start menu, select Search, then files and folders, and then type Paint for the file name. If the Search process finds the Paint file and it is an *.exe file you should be able to install it that way.

    Finally, another way to do this is to go to the Control Panel, select Add/Remove programs, select Add/Remove Windows components, and add Paint that way. It might be "hidden" on your hard drive and if so, the Add/Remove program might find it. If not, then a message will pop up saying something like "file not found" and ask you where the file can be found. You will then indicate that the program should look on the CD for the program (again, usually D drive), which should get the process underway.

    With floppies the process is mostly the same, but you might have to scan multiple floppies to find the one where that particular file is located, which is a pain. The floppy drive is usually the A drive on a computer, but as always, your mileage may vary. Good luck!

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    in case you nevertheless have the disc that got here with your laptop, attempt putting that throughout and notice if its on there. If no longer, then bypass to the microsoft internet site, it would be there. We had an analogous difficulty with the calculator. It got here with the laptop yet saved disapearing. If no longer, then attempt getting a buddy that has it on their laptop keep it to a disc, and you will then load it that way.

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    this menu should have paint

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    you can try to go and search for it. you can still get it back by going to control panel, and click on add/remove program, click on add/remove windows component and look for paint. you should get it back.

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    it's not in the start control? how about the recycle bin?


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    in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder

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