Anybody relationship break up over myspace?????????

OK so last summer I got a myspace page and wanted to have the page with my boyfriend of 14 years. You know a couples page. Anyway he didn't want nothing to do with it, but about a week later I see him opening his own myspace. Of course I was not allowed to have the password. (we have lived together for the 14 years, 2 kids together, and not to mention I gave him my password). He said to have trust. Well I've seen his myspace and it's nothing but half-naked girls. I was able to see his inbox (I don't think he will be to happy with me but people make sure you log out all the way) anyway he was talking trash (I think you all know what I'm talking about) to these girls and getting phone numbers, setting up times to be on to chat, etc. To much to mention. He says I'm the one with the problem because of not having trust. He says they live to far away although one girl lived in the same town. Am I the one with the problem with trust? Should I of not looked at his inbox? What would you all do?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    maybe you shouldnt have looked in his inbox but now that you did...its pretty unpsetting that he has all that type of stuff up there. i think his trying to b sneeky and you must do something about it before he takes things further,,, because TRUST ME!!!! he'll be tempted. if you dont trust him ITS NOT YOUR FAULT!!! he's making it real hard to be trustworthy...his acting like his hiding things. HIS WRONG!

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    4 years ago

    from my experience, taking a smash is perhaps no longer a superb theory, surprisingly at circumstances like yours. undergo in ideas, there is not any smash whilst u r married (u desire to get married proper?), and u could desire to handle one among those undertaking + different undertaking. so this section is like training for u. it is likewise a attempt to your love and the way u settle for him. by no potential think of he will replace after we r married, that isn't going to ensue. if u will no longer be able to settle for him then it rather is extra suited to depart him previously it rather is getting harder. think of forward to the destiny :)

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