Confused Feelings?

This is a complicated thing me and this girl Eileen started going out in the 8th grade and we were in love and at the end of the 8th grade we broke up I still had feelings for her but she seemed over me so she started going out wit this guy and that guy became my best friend over the last year I wuz gone from the town for a while and I came back and her and my friend broke up and me and Eileen started talking she always came to me for help or but we started realizing that we still have feelings for each other but my friend is in love wit her to and he found out that me and Eileen went on a date and kissed so now he doesn't want to talk to me but now after all that Eileen decided that she is confused and she feels like she's living in the past since i wuz her first love and she's confused if she's in love wit who I wuz or the person I am now I dont know if I should go back after my friend or go after Eileen I really dont want love to slip away but then she's not sure if she love me

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You're too young to know what "love" is.

  • 1 decade ago

    MAN what a sitiaton well im pretty sure shes means more to you then him the only thing that matters right now is you guys just worry bout that and if shes up to it then give it anothher chance

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