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Have you ever been a victim of racism?

Can you give a brief description of what happened (i.e., what someone said to you, etc.) and how you it made you feel?

I am a Muslim woman who covers and there have been numerous times when people have judged be by the way I dress and called me "terrorist", "ninja", or said "take that off your face." I really am a very nice person and I in NO way think I am better than anyone else, I love people of all religions, colours, shapes and sizes so sometimes it bothers me that people judge me by what they see (or don't see) in me.

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    Yes. When I lived in a big city, I went to a predominately black school. 80% black-20% white. Then the movie ROOTS came out. It was not pretty! Every white person was beaten up daily, called names, forced to carry their books, etc. I resorted to dropping out of school and getting my GED as a result of all the violent behavior that was going on.

    It made me feel horrible! I was being punished for something people did 200 years ago!

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    I am a black female. OF COURSE I have been a victim of racism (not that I enjoy admitting to being "a victim" of anything). Most of the problem with racism is that people want to stereotype you into some sort of preconceived ideal that they have inside their heads about how you are "supposed" to be. It makes them feel more comfortable with their itty-bitty world. Anything that is "different" from a bigot's preconceived ideal must therefore be "dangerous" or "wrong", which is when they feel the need to open their big fat mouths. I've had to deal with everything from the overt racism of being called the N-word (resulting in me delivering a beat-down), to the benevolent racism of comments like "But you don't sound black" and "You look 'exotic'. You must be from some other country." I was also the only black kid in my high school class, which really sucked considering this was back in the intolerant 80's. My advice to you is to continue to maintain your dignity and be nice, but let people know that their comments are unacceptable. Never let people try to "dehumanize" you. You don't have to put up with anyone's crap in the name of being nice.

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    I feel for you its sad that some people can be so narrow minded. i know it can be hard but you should n't let these people affect you, i mean why would care what someone like that has to say.

    I fortunately hav n't been a victim of racism but that could be because i don't wear the hijab, as alot of my friends who do have received racism and it does hurt them alot.

    but inshallah life will get better and we won't have to ask such questions!

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    sure .. actually (Racism, Prejudice/Hate -- alongside with prejudice for surely being a Servicemember (i'm Retired protection tension) -- you besides might could function in there SEXISM too (for as a girl in traditionally Male Professions -- I surely have had to undergo an stunning style of Harassment for confident -- even however i could actually tutor That I EARNED the tiers MYSELF and that i could do the artwork too).

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    Times are bad for people from the middle east...or Muslims. I feel sorry for you because I do believe a lot of Muslims are peaceful.

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    Actually, it's what was NOT said.

    When I was a kid, I went to a pet store regularly. The proprietor seemed like a nice old man.

    But - my friends were telling me that when they went to the store, the old guy was always telling them "Mexican jokes."

    He never told any "Mexican jokes" when I went into the store.

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