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Small bathroom remodelling help?

We have a tiny walk- through bathroom (one door in my bedroom, the other in the family room) that my husband and I want to remodel ourselves. Are there any online sites were you can design your own bathroom with a given dimension?

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    Try DIY or maybe this old house. They may not have exact dimensions but will have great ideas and how to find out what you'll need. Good luck.Usually just cosmetic changes make a big difference. Like changing colors with paint, changing knobs, mirrors, shower curtains and ruga as well as the shower curtain. Maybe even the faucets. Good luck.

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    This site has useful tips for remodeling small bathrooms:

    Let me know if this helps!

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    there's $10 software at bestbuy. I'm an interior designer, so I use cad, designmax 3d and sketch up

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    The only one that I founds is:

    You might also try going to someplace like Best Buy that has software you can use to do it. That may be as cheap.

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    go to lowes hardware on line. they can help you. also just type in

    remodeling plans. that site helps you do it.

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