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Can someone tell me all the dvd's out their that have 2 or more movies on them?

I am mainly talking about major movies on one disc like.....

Poltergeist 2/Poltergeist 3

Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf 2

Smokey and the Bandit Pursuit Pack


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    Rocky Horror Picture Show/Shock Treatment

    Night Of The Living Dead/Reefer Madness

    The Mummy Collection

    Van Helsing: The Ultimate Collector's Edition (Has the new 'Van Helsing', the original 'Dracula', 'Frankenstein' and 'Wolfman')

    Friday the 13th Ultimate Collection: From Camp Crystal Lake To Manhattan (features 2 movies on each collector's disk)

    Young Guns/Young Guns 2

    There are lots and lots of 'horror' packs and 'cartoon' packs with several features on each disk.

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    Topper/Topper Returns

    Going My Way/Holiday Inn

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