I need help. girls only unless you can help.?

I am not fast on feet. (I dont have snappy comments or pick up lines. I can actually run quite fast.) I can talk to girls but just in small talk. I can't flirt very well is what i am trying to get across. I try but wind up saying something wrong, or freezing or saying something lame. It is really becoming a dilema to me because I am currently trying to ask out a girl right now but I can't seem to get her to go for me yet. If you could give me some tips or some effective flirts of flirt advice it would be very appreciated. Please help if you can.

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    Believe it or not, girls don't always go with the flirty guys.

    You might try the direct approach. Just tell her that you have enjoyed talking to her (or noticed her) or whatever, and have been trying to get up the nerve to ask her out for weeks now. Would she like to go out for coffee?

    Try writing her a note if you have a problem saying it out. Practice if you have to, but go for it. What's the worst thing that will happen? She says no? So what.

    Now get out there & get her!

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    This is a tough one. The only thing I can say is Practice Practice Practice. But it also helps to plan ahead a little. Do you know what she is interested in? If so make sure you have a few comments or questions about those things. If she is like every other woman on the planet once you ask her about something she is into she can talk about it for a while and you are likely to find other questions in there or comments. I wish you luck.

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    Very good if you can talk to a girl in small talk. Always start with small talk you will learn a lot from ladies. Most women love when a guy is a small talker. Soon or later you will find the woman of you dream. Ask the lady out for lunch nothing expensive. Than work way to a date! I know I'm a lady it works for me. Come on you can do it! just try!

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    well if shes like some girls...she will think tripping over your words to ask her out is sweet and flattering..but if that doesnt work...all i can say is just to be yourself...i know i know thats the lamest advice you could get but honestly...if a girl doesnt like you for you...then shes soooo not worth it...if she has to be wooed with you sweet talk and pick up lines...you just need to not bother...its just not what youre good at and its not your comfort zone...so i just think you should be yourself...im a girl and flirting isnt really my thing either...but if you just loosen up around her you will find flirting comes easier every time...just make her laugh and maybe a wink and a smile...its cute...we love it...or ok most of us...lol...but im sure if shes that kind of girl...she will love it to! good luck! hope my advice helped a lil!

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    u know what, men have a sexy quality that women love. it's something that just happens, like a natural attraction. you really don't have to say anything. but if u like a certain someone, give her gifts. and don't make it too obvious. sometimes it takes years to get our attention. but u have to decide you are willing to put forth that effort if u reaqlly love someone. because if you end up together, it could last a lifetime. so u don't have to make any stupid flirt comments, just be honest and say, "i like u. it worked for me when my boyfriend said it. and i decided right then and there i wanted to be with him.. sometimes it was the way he said things. i liked the sound of his voice, it was sexy. so just be yourself. be honest. and don't give up. if she doesn't notice you now, you still have a chance. u never know what she is going through. she may have ehr eye on someone else, until one day she sees the great guy who offered her the world.

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    When it comes to a girl you should always be relaxed.Have the confidence in yourself to know that you are a great person.You do have something to offer.Like happiness,love,friendship [or more].Know in your heart that you are just looking for someone you are compatible with.You just need to find that other person to make each other laugh.Good luck and keep you chin up.She will come around when the time is right.

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    ok. first thing - we HATE pick up lines anyway. ask her a ridiculous number of questions about herself. so it seems too much. seriously. start with 'what've you been up to?' ask her what she does with her days, how many siblings she's got, how old, what she's interested in etc. this will make her realise that you know her better than she knows you. she will hate that and want to know you. you've also come across as caring, sensitive, a good listener and all the cool stuff AND you'll learn loads of stuff about her. this can be used for future reference. just try and remember some of what she's said.

    now do me a favour...



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    Believe or not not all woman like flirty guys.....Most ladies just like them plain and simple. If you have a sense of humor be yourself and make her laugh...it might lighten up her day. But if u want to insist on tryin...practice, practice...try on a gurl who ur Not interested in and see how thats goes...and continue...but if u want the girl u like remember she's still bait so catch her before another bass finds her.

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    tip 1.. dont laugh at inappropriate things... theres nothing worse than a guy who laughs or sniggers at the most inappropriate of things because hes nervous... better to come across as cool and collected... than a complete imbecile!

    tip 2... try relax and think that shes only flesh and blood like all of us... she isnt made of gold...give your self some pep talks so you dont have this deluded outlook on her...that will help u chill out and talk to her

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    Just be yourself. View her a friend (one of the guys) and not a love interest. Ask her to join you in something you typically do with the guys. Once she gets to know you, and you are comfortable with her, you can step it up a notch.

    Good luck

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