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I've made an attempt to change job but has just been notified I haven't been chosen?

the job was within the company I work for.

I still have my old job in which I'm quite confortable but it hurts to be put down even if I didn't really like the job, how can I avoid getting depressed?


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    Try and turn it a learning experience. Make a positive out of a negative. Do you know why you weren't chosen? Was it office politics or was it something else? Something in your control. If you haven't, you should ask why you were not awarded the position. Or if that is too hard for you, ask what if anything you could do to improve your chances for the next job. Was it skills? If it was something specific, look into acquiring those skills (usually a class). Was it the interview? Ask some specific questions about what came across "wrong" to them. There are books and websites that can help you prepare for interviews. That way you can learn something and not just focus on the rejection. And for most managers/hr persons, it says alot when you act like you want to "grow" from the experience instead of brood.

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    It's always hard to be put down. I've been looking for another job for 10 years now even though I have a full time one that I enjoy most times. After 50 or so interviews, I've kind of gotten used to the "you have too much experience" speech. All I can tell you is to stand up, hold your chin up high, brush yourself off and try again at a later date.

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    Most positions have multiple applicants so only 1 person is going to be happy out of the group . . .

    And you "Didn't really like the job" ? - I am guessing they picked up on that and you were out of the running on the first go round.

    Don't waste time applying for jobs you don't like.

    Now, figure out where you really want to go and start focusing your energies there.

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