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Am I in love!?

My boyfriend and i broke up about one week before valintines day. i have then started to date again. Whenever i am with this new guy i can't help but to smile and i get a warm fuzzy happy feeling in my gut. Am i in love or just have a really strong liking!!??

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    Ya babe, you are. Good luck ;)

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    You are in "like." It could develop into love possibly though.

    The problem a lot of people have is that they assume that warm fuzzy feeling you get in your stomach means you love someone. The reason it is a problem, is because when that goes away, then they think it means they then don't love the person.

    TRUE love is not based so much on "feelings" as much as it is based on true compassion for someone. Actually caring about someone through good and bad, and despite any faults they may have. Willing to sacrifice things on your part to make them happy. True love isn't based on how "hot" the person is or how attractive they make you feel, or how giddy you get around them.

    So, I'd say you definitely like this guy, but give it time to really get to know him, for him to get to know you, and to see if it develops into love.

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    is a strong is much more deeper than warm fuzzy is the realization that the person in front of you is all you need..and that when you look into their eyes..there is this secret language going on that only you and them understand....deep huh??

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    Not sure only you can tell that yourself. But love is not all fun and warm. It brings hurts and pains also. If u r strong hearted, only then try it otherwise u know better.

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    You just like this person a lot and you feel good spending time with him..This is normal when you meet someone at first, but don't confuse for love...Theres way more to love than that feeling your getting now...

  • don't mix up lust for love girl,it happens to everyone but ask your slef if you can see him still there 5 or10 yr.'s along the road if the answer is yes,then it might be love,if no,then it's preety much lust or strong liking!

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    Nobody can answer this question for you. This is something you need to find out for yourself. Stay with him, see where it goes.

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    Yes (90% sure)

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