Should i stay i mean age dont matter does it?

im very confused my boyfriend is 21 and i wanna be with him more than nething but im only 17 and yah he is already telling me he loves me alot and we've only been dating for 3 weeks is this the right guyf or me?

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    Since you have only been dating for 3 weeks it is hard to say if this is the right guy or not. You really can't know a person in that short of time. Once you get to know him better you will find out for yourself if he is the right guy or not. Take this relationship slow and get to know one another and take it one day at a time.

    Good luck


  • Nasubi
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    1 decade ago

    17 and 21 is not a significant age difference...although you are under 18 so he could feasibly get into some trouble. If your parents are cool with it, and he loves you and you want to be with him more than anything, then don't end it just because of 4 years!

    Is he the right guy for you? Only you can answer that...but if there's something that gives you doubt, then listen to that little voice inside your head. . .

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    Run, don't walk, away from him. You and he are involved in an illegal relationship. If you want to continue dating him AFTER you turn 18, 19, or 21, fine.

    You are way too young to be involved in any serious relationship. You have the next 50 or more years to think about being "in love."

    Experience life, have fun, go to college, date other people, decide on a career. Don't weigh yourself down.

    I speak from experience. I married my first husband when I was 18 and he was 28. What a mistake that was.

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    3 weeks is a relaively short period for professing love. Not that it cant happen, I am just suspicious by nature I suppose. IMHO anyone that says "I love you" afteronly 3 weeks either does not know the meaning of the term or they only want you between the sheets. You'll have to decide which is the case with your bf.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Thats only four years difference!That really is common,infact the norm when it comes to your age bracket.Just look around and remember that its because women mature sooner than their male counterparts.As far as him being "right" for you,it depends on you and how he treats you and if he makes you feel good and appreciated.

    Also,the guy above me makes the exact point of why that law is flawed!He says your jail bait and that so very stupid and is why that law should be ammended so that it dose what it was ment to do--protect children from pedophiles!

    When I was 19,I had a 16 yr old girl friend.Her parents hated me because they felt their princess was too good for any boy.One day they had me arested for that law!And I went to jail for sex w/ a minor even though it was consentual!and only 3 yr's diff!

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    Well the age difference is not that bad, but he says I love you already after three weeks I think thats weird and hard to believe..I would say get to know him more but don't get too close...and most def do not have sex with him..atleast not for the mean time..Good Luck dear!!

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    ive bin in ur position. im only 15 but i liked dis 24 yr old n he liked me, well so he sed but i culd tell he only had 1 thing on his mind! so as hard as it woz i dumped him n now im over him im sure it was the rite thing to do. woteva u decide its up 2 u but dont be pressured into anything u regret plz, n im here if u wanna talk

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    You and this guy probably don't even have much in common...Most of these guys just wants sex from a minor.....I think you should study books...and leave this "MAN" alone honey. It's not within the confines of the law. Let's just say "You are jail bait"

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    it is too soone to know.

    he is a little olde for you. 21 and 17 may onlie be 4 yeres apart, but you guys are from diffurent planets.

    i'm gessing he is telling you he loves you to gett into your drawrers

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    3 weeks is really soon...y'all are jus getting to really know each other....the age thing isn't really that big of deal...age is nothing but a number. but i mean if you feel like u love him then hey there isnt anything anyone can bout it...i jus wouldn't start planning your wedding jus yet.

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