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Do you believe that at one time in history there was a world wide fllod?

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    Yes, for basic facts are there but science, schools and many ignore them for they contradict the theory of all the rest.

    We can cut into the earth and see layers, we "think" these layers are thousands and millions of years old each. But we base that thinking on flawed sciences to make that conclusion. When in reality you can easily make those same layers youself. Just put some dirt, sand, minature pebbles into a jar about 1/2 way, then fill the rest with water, cap it and shake it. Then let it settle. You will see the same layers like the earth has. Plus if you throw in a few lego's, maybe a metal washer or two, these will settle in the layers just like a fossil.

    Fossils is where most get confused. Think of how a fossil must form. It must encase the living or very very recently dead animal in a full case of mud or sand. For if the animal is left on the surface it will be eaten and the bones spread out and if it falls into water, it will decay. If nothing eats it on the surface, it will decay there. We know from digging up our own people in grave yards that after a short time, even being in a coffin, we all become just dust again. So how did fossils form? For as items die, they can't just form fossils.

    Many think fossils take hundreds and thousands of years to create. But you can create a fossil in just 1 year. Drop a human tooth in a class of water and leave it for a will be fossilized. Plus explain how a jelly fish, a soft creature, can leave a fossil. Would it not decay or vanish long before any silt could ever cover it?

    Plus look at how they find fossils. In large groups, massive areas of them, sometimes animals just stacked on top of each other like a huge burial pit. They still can't explain this and say it had to be a swamp or a pit in the past and animals just kept falling in. Highly doubt animals are that dumb...for do they not know when a twister, storm or earthquake is coming long before man does?

    Now go down to a river or lake, specially after a bad rain. What do you see? Trash and stuff floating around in piles, almost like small swirling pools of trash. After time the trash becomes saturated and sinks. Since the water is all churned up with silt and dirt due to the bad rain, as the water calms, the dirt settles and in turn buries that trash that sank due to saturation.

    Now think of this on a global scale.....all the mountains, dirt, etc that would be in the water, all the trash, trees, animals also. As the water calmed and the dirt settled, 1. you get layers like you saw in the jar experiement and 2. you'd fully encase animals, even jelly fish in their full form, and they are saturated in water, so in turn they could easily turn into fossiles. Plus as items got burried by layer after layer the pressure would increase, in turn fossilizing them quicker and quicker.

    This also explains why we find coal, oil and diamonds, all the product of animals and tress that were buried, all in areas. If animals just died off like evolution teaches us, then we should not have oil or coal or any of that. And if somehow we did, it would be in super thin layers all over the place, not big, vast mile wide and miles deep pools of it underground. The only thing that could of made such a massive pool of oil was a massive pile of trash from the world flood, as the water settled, these massive trash piles sank and were covered, over time and pressure, turning them to oil.

    Just sit back and look at basic facts from all sides and it becomes very very clear that science just doesn't have a clue what happend on this earth.

    Plus we find trees all over the earth that are fossilized and are standing up right, through many many layers of earth, layers science says are thousands of years old. How can a tree grow through layers let alone grow that long? Redwood is the longest living tree and that is only hundreds of years. Plus the tree is can't fossilize its base and trunk as it grows up. Only a flood could burry a tree in layers of dirt while it stood upright. And there are thousands of these fossiled trees standing up, all over the globe. But science hides this and many many other facts that contradict the "theory of evolution".

    Then look in webster and define theory.........

    Source(s): Edit: to all that think there isn't enough water, science has proven that if you add up all the water we see and all the water that is underground in the water tables, there is enough water to cover the entire globe by over 100 yrds over the highest point on the planet. Bible is clear, it says it rained and water came up from the earth. All the rain came from the melting ice shield that use to be around the earth, science again has proven this as fact and the bible speaks of the same thing. Then research what would happen if you encased us in a ice shield and then Noah living 900 yrs old, dinosaurs being that big, etc are all easily explained by science we have today. I use to be an atheist for 28 yrs....then I used my own mind and put the puzzle together I walk w/ the Bible for it is the only true book.
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    No, there was never a worldwide flood. There is no geological, historical or any other extra-biblical evidence that there was a global flood. Ever. The story of Noah is a parable, a story that isn't meant to be taken literally, but that is meant to teach a lesson. This is true of all the stories in the bible.

    The reason that so many religions and regions have a flood story is because floods are common. If you are a primitive human, and have no knowledge of how big the world is, then floating in a raft during a flood and not being able to see land would make it seem like the whole world is flodded. In actuality, the flood may only extend as far as you could see, which in a storm capable of causing a big flood may not be that far. Being washed out to sea by a flood, and have no concept of how large the ocean is, would be enough to convince a primitive human that the world is completely flooded.

    Of course, since they had little to no scientific knowledge, they didn't fully understand what caused rain and flooding, so they attributed it to god. They didn't know any better. People today do know better, which is why it is so sad that people still believe this stuff.

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    Where would all the water come from? From what I've read, it does seem that there MIGHT be enough water in deep underground reservoirs, but then how did it get out of those reservoirs? While I'm not an expert, I'm just not seeing how it could have happened.

    However, I'm sure there were significant regional floods. The most likely possibility for "Noah's flood" is probably a scenario in which the Mediterranean Sea used to be much lower with the waters of the Atlantic blocked by a solid chunk of land that eventually gave way to create the Straight of Gibraltar, allowing the Atlantic to spill into the Sea, significantly raising the water level.

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    yes, i do and since you have posed your question here , as a

    Christian i believe that it was so ordered by God. however people

    who would argue away the existence are not looking at the

    obvious existence of the ice age and the melting of the polar

    caps. common sense dictates that this would have made for massive flooding. that's why coastline fossils are found hundreds of

    miles inland and the Bering Strait was considered to have been

    continuous. the California sea is the desert, etc. when the "dead sea

    scrolls" were discovered they made reference to the "great flood".

    the free masons make reference to a great flood , as do the Islamic religion, and most scientific communities, so there is

    really little doubt that a great flood occurred. having Faith that it

    occurred for God's purpose seems to be what is At's issue . thank you

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    Very unlikely. I won't come right out and say that it's an impossible event, but I'll be fairly close to saying it.

    Although, even if it were possible to flood the whole globe, it is even more unlikely that someone could survive it and document the flood.

    There are plenty of cultures with the notion of a global flood. Those stories made perfect sense in a world that didn't know about the exact size of the Earth and the amount of moisture we have. They also don't realize that killing all of the plants would be a devastating blow to the ecosystem.

    Fun stories, but the authors of the Bible didn't have the knowledge we have today when they invented the flood story.

    Edit: Aristarchus has this to say: "as well as oral traditions passed down over the ages in all areas of the world."

    Isn't it a little difficult to have oral traditions passed down when you drowned in a world-wide flood?

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    I do not believe such, primarily because of the natural cycles of life on our planet. The only water that comes down on our planet is that which was drawn up from our planet by evaporation.

    The sun, having attracting power on our planet pulls water from the earth into the atmostphere in a fine mist (vapor) that the naked eye can hardly detect. Then, this vapor combines with other vapors and condenses until it can no longer resist the pull of gravity, and rains back down on our planet.

    So, this fundamental principle seems to disallow such a flood from ever taking place.

    Where would all that "extra" water come from?

    Where did it go?

    Just points to ponder.


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    Actually, you may be surprised, but there are many stories from around the world that tell of a world flood. It's interesting to note that these people didn't come into contact with each other. Of course, this isn't proof that it happend, BUT it makes you wonder.

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    Without a shadow of a doubt, I believe in the world wide flood of Noah as God made happen to destroy the wicked off of the earth.

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    I don't know what a fllod is, but I do believe that there was a world wide flood. There are accounts from other sources besides the bible that talk about The Flood.

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