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does al gore use the extra 20 times of electricity to power the internet he created?

thats alot of power

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    It doesn't matter. The elite get all the power they want. It's the peons that need to scrimp. Haven't you heard anything Al Almighty has said?

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    Gore never claimed that he "invented" the Internet, which implies that he engineered the technology. The invention occurred in the seventies and allowed scientists in the Defense Department to communicate with each other. In a March 1999 interview with Wolf Blitzer, Gore said, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

    Taken in context, the sentence, despite some initial ambiguity, means that as a congressman Gore promoted the system we enjoy today, not that he could patent the science, though that's how the quotation has been manipulated. Hence the disingenuous substitution of "inventing" for the actual language.

    For a heady while we hoped that the Bush campaign would prove their man to be the champion of honesty and integrity that he pretends to be, especially for those looking for a squeaky clean new White House.

    the February 28 AP article by Kristin M. Hall noted, while Green did not, that Gore's energy use practices are considered "carbon-neutral" and that Gore balances "100 percent of his electricity costs" by purchasing renewable energy sources. The AP reported:

    Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider said: "Sometimes when people don't like the message, in this case that global warming is real, it's convenient to attack the messenger.'"

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    I'm in no way an Al Gore fan, but I do want to point out that he has 23 rooms in that place, and he pays extra for 'green energy' - that costs about double 'normal' energy that most people use.

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    The "questions" about Al Gore are nonsense.

    Al Gore has nothing at all to do with the science behind global warming. He is in no way responsible for any of the solid data about global warming. He is not singlehandedly causing global warming. He's just an actor.

    And his message is backed by 99+% of all scientists. They may disagree on some of the details, but not on the basic message. Global warming is real, it's not natural, it's caused by us. And it is a serious threat to our country.

    Here's some solid information about the basic scientific agreement on global warming and just a little of the data underlying it.

    Talking about Al Gore's personal life in the face of the threat is silly. The people quoted below are hardly fans of Al Gore, but they don't make that mistake. They don't get their information from "An Inconvenient Truth", they get it from the best scientists in the world. None of these people are fools, or environmental crazies. You may not respect them all, but surely you respect some.

    "The science of global warming is clear. We know enough to act now. We must act now."

    James Rogers, CEO of Charlotte-based Duke Energy.

    "The overwhelming majority of atmospheric scientists around the world and our own National Academy of Sciences are in essential agreement on the facts of global warming and the significant contribution of human activity to that trend."

    Russell E. Train, Republican, former environmental official under Presidents Nixon and Ford

    "We simply must do everything we can in our power to slow down global warming before it is too late. The science is clear. The global warming debate is over."

    Arnold Schwarzenegger, Republican, Governor, California

    "Our nation has both an obligation and self-interest in facing head-on the serious environmental, economic and national security threat posed by global warming."

    John McCain, Republican, Senator, Arizona

    "These technologies will help us become better stewards of the environment - and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change."

    President George Bush

    These "questions" have nothing at all to do with science. They are simply political statements which properly belong in the politics section.

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    What does this have to do with Ecology? Keep your political babble confined to the politics section. Grow up.

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    Maybe he needs to rewrite his book "Earth in the lurch ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Balance"

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