What's the quickest way to learn Greek and French in two months?

I'm going to Greece and Paris in May which is only two months from now. I need to learn and master these two languages before I go, anyone know any good sites or books in which I can use?

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    My first reaction is that while you can certainly become competent enough to survive in a language in a short time, you are never going to master one, let alone two languages in just two months, unless you are language genius. This is especially true if you are not being forced to use the language every day all the time. I would suggest that if you have the time, you enroll in an immersion course immediately before you go abroad. (If you take an immersion course then wait a few weeks, you've lost the benefit.) Berlitz is a internationally-reputed company that offers immersion courses and some universities also provide immersion programs through continuing education departments.

    If you want to try to use books, DVDs, etc., Rosetta Stone claims to be the top provider and seems to have a good track record. Try to use mixed media so that you are processing language aurally, orally, and visually. Good luck and I hope you enjoy both France and Greece.

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    My friend, it's easier to climb Mount Nitaca (Japan) than master these 2 different languages within 2 months!

    As in Greece, where I live, people do speak english, at least the youngsters all do, so you should start mastering your french, for they don't like the english sound so much and tend to give some hard time to anglospeaking foreigners!

    Find a bilingual booklet containing phrases or find a french speaking mate. Don't bother with sites. If you don't stutter too much pronouncing french, you might have a chance to be under

    stood! Sorry, but you have to roll your sleeves up and...dig!

    Good luck!

    PS. In case of troubles in Athens, send us a e-mail!

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    Well, i was learning Greek and met a guy from Thessaloníki over the internet so i could practice. He had better English than i did.

    As for french you should go to word2word.com they have a ton of stuff on almost any language.

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