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Is global warming for the nut cases now?

Any creditablity they have is now gone in my book.

Now Al Gore going ot preach that we need to contact the mothership or what.

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  • Max50
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    Or is it now global cooling.

    Please remember they said last hurrican season was going to be the end of us all and we got zip as far as hurricans go.

    Gore is complaining that other views are getting out there.

    When people start saying a debate in science is over that worrys me greatly.

    Now they are talking about taxing us.

    Please oh dear liberals why is it the Gore, Edwards, Kenndys, an Hollywood types live in house consuming far more than their share. The want us to go live in caves but they don't want to do anything for themselves.

    They want their private jets.

    Kenndy's didn't want a wind farm near their homes but all in favor of someone else.

    When people question global warming they are automatically wrong.

    Lets see science told us:

    eggs good than bad than good

    we should preform gentic eng. to cure dieases but not with food.

    cloning is great but Dolly die a horrorable death

    I say keep the debate alive.

    Follow the money. There is more grant money to study global warming and if you provide them with the answers they are looking for you get more grant money.

    So what scienists is going to cut his paycheck and report against those funding his grants.

  • cookie
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    Global Warming is everyone's problem. However, you will have people out there with some really goofy ideas about how to correct the problem. I feel that NASA is just as much to blame for the damage as everything else and the theory about alien technology is just unrealistic. This world was created to thrive and we are slowly killing it. We all have a part to play in reversing the damage that has been done. If you find any aliens that can offer any advice, feel free to include them as well. Until then, I will continue to pray to GOD for everyone on this earth. Thank you.

    Source(s): The problem with science is that it keeps changing.
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    It's pretty stupid to base your opinion of a global scientific study involving thousands of scientists on the ramblings of one nutcase who believes in UFOs.

    You have obviously already formed your opinion on global warming and you are seeking out only those pieces of information that you agree with, whilst at the same time ignoring the moutains of scientific evidence that prove you wrong.

    So who is the nutcase? Neither of you are living in reality.

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    If you don't believe that global warming is real, you should probably go back to school or try reading a book over 100 pages without pictures.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It always HAS been for nutcases.

    Yes - global warming is real. However, it is natural. Cavemen weren't driving SUVs, working in factories or chopping down the rain forests when the last ice age ended (the REAL start of global warming).

    The only things that libs can spew crap about is just how much is mankind contributing to global warming.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, that article is kind of funny, but I don't see how it reflects on the scientific consensus underlying the information on global warming itself.

  • Calee
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    1 decade ago

    If only nut cases are in favor of a clean planet,

    call me crazy.

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