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Why do most American women wear lipgloss all the time? How young do they start?


I've noticed that the majority colour their hair blond, wear black mascara and baby pink lip gloss. And, their hair is usually dead straight, too. It's like seeing the same person everywhere. What happened to variety being the spice of life?

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    I do not dye my hair blonde, wear mascara or baby pink lip gloss or have straight hair. I know one person with bleach blonde hair and she wouldn't be caught dead near a bottle of baby pink lip gloss. I think you should fact check.

    That said, I do it to prevent chapped lips.

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    I am an American woman and I am have naturally straight blond hair,this is just the way I am. I do wear lip gloss only because I live in a cold climate and my lips get chapped, so I suppose it is necessary. American women are very mixed in their looks because we have women from all different countries here so everyone has their own look. I don't think we all look alike at all.

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    it depends on the parents and the kid. These days alot kids want to look like everyone else or what they see in magazines or TV. They think straight blond hair and pink lip gloss is all the rage since many celebrities are doing it. If the parent allows the child to die their hair most likely the child will die there hair. If the parents buy their kid lip gloss, most likely the child will wear the lip gloss. I know this answer sounds like I'm 50 or something but I'm not. I am experiencing it know with all of my friends in high school. They are all dying their hair and wearing tons of makeup. They think its in and want to look mature, but really they don't. Hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you were talking about South American women (my family is from there so I am not stereotyping) then I would agree with you on the blonde thing!! In the U.S. (OC) we do have a lot of blondes, but they are naturally blondes. I would rather see them with lip gloss and mascara to keep their looks simple. I myself am I very proud brunette, love to wear lip gloss in every color, and don't wear mascara. I allow my daughter who is 7 to wear lip gloss only when going out with me; and only the clear kind for me its like chap stick.

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    I'm in America at this very moment, and I disagree with your observation. If you're just going by what you see on TV, then you're wrong about what a real 'American woman' is.

    There is a certain type of girl who does have bleach-blonde hair with dramatic fake lashes and super-glossy lips, but it's definitely not majority.

    I wear lip gloss occasionally, It feels nice and looks nice, but it isn't pink.

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    American women are not all as you described, clones with straight blonde hair, black mascara, and pink lip gloss. You are deffinately sterotyping. Lip gloss is mostly to keep your lips moist. Mascara and straight blonde hair thing, is a choice that many make, but not all. so please stop stereotyping.

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    I'm certainly NOT blonde and I don't have stick straight hair, but I like wearing lipgloss because it looks really pretty. And it feels great. I started wearing lipgloss when I was probably like 9. I guess that it just depends on the home. Some parents probably let their daughter wear lipgloss when she's six years old.

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    I don't know where you live, but it sounds like you are stereotyping --I'm sure I can come up with a stereotype about you and your fellow citizens. I have lived in the united states all my life and have never dyed my hair and I wear different color lip gloss/lipstic and sometimes I just wear lip balm because I get chapped lips. You got one right with me though --but I can't help it, I was born with straight hair!

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    Well wearing lipgloss is not a bad thing, it makes your lips soft and look good.. if your talking about lipstick then your wrong cause not a lot of "Americans" wear that.

    I wear clear lipgloss all the time to keep my lips soft to the touch and to make my smile look bright.

    Maybe you should wear some too?

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    I think most people do it because its "the thing to do" its the style. as for my self i wear lip gloss because I just don't like lipstick i just cant find a color to look good on me, and gloss its just gloss no color. about the hair thing people are never satisfied with what they got, if you have straight hair you want curly hair if you have curly hair you want it straight! well that's my opinion. lets see what everyone else says....

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