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How to get along?

I hate my brothers wife! And he knows i don't like her. I have told him I will try to get along with her for his sake. But even the site of her makes my mood ring go black. Any tips for how I can be around her with out going nuts?! I need help asap!


OK, she treats my brother like the crap on her shoes. Always telling him what a loser he is and bi*ching all the time. It just makes me so mad to see him treated this way! And she has done many crappy things to me and my husband! And we are all supposed to go away together this weekend! How can i get past all this and just get along?

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    Hahaha, that is so funny, because I went through the same thing. I didn't like my brother's fiance at all. Luckily for me, they broke up. Now for you, I know it is very hard to do, but you just have to think that you love your brother, and if she makes him happy, then you should be happy for him. Its not like you live with them or anything, right? So be nice while you are around her, and take out your feelings about her when you get home by yourself. Also, what I used to do was hang out for a while, and when I felt like I was going to get pissed off at her, I'd go outside for a breather. Then I'd go back in and hang out some more. Sometimes I would do that ten times in a night, but you do what you have to do! Good luck, hope it all works out!

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    Dont sweat it! There's only 2 thing you can do, well, actually 3, but the third one i dont suggest.

    1.) Just act like she's not around when she is.

    2.) Try tyalking to her and getting to know her - what if y'all become good friends? Unless she has done something really bad to ya, then i'd go with #1.

    3.) Feel mad or uncomfortable everytime you see her, which i dont recommend. People who dont smile look old, get old faster, and just dont look pruity.

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    Why don't you try taking her positive side.

    There must be somethin that made your brother fell for her.

    Take a look. While you maybe seeing her negatives, keep yourself busy and avoid looking at it. Think positive.

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    be polite say hi,then remove yourself from the room or dont put yourself in the position where you have to be around her

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