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What does a constant dream of an airport mean?

I have had a reoccuring dream of an airport for the past three months. Does anyone know what it means?


It isn't always the same dream it is a little different each time

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    Airport in dreams refers to making new departures; changes, hoped for or real; desire or need for adventure. This could be mentally, emotionally or sexually; achieving goals; being en-route to something, or something new in life; a checking of one's own values, identity, a sort of self assessment in regard to independence and moving to new opportunities.

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    Airport/airplane dreams are going to have the most accurate meaning if you understand what they represent to you.

    For me, I dream of airplanes when I'm excited about something, but anxious at the same time. It is the promise of a new adventure, AFTER the anxiety of committing to a direction (but airplanes are uncomfortable to me).

    And I've had lots of dreams where planes crashed, and in my experience, those indicated that some high hopes would be ... not happening.

    Live well~

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    You have to figure out what an airport means to you and how it makes you feel. To me, it might mean a place of transition from one point to another? Then I would analyze how I feel while I,m at the airport like i feel excited to be going on to a different destination? This is just an example and your answer will be completely different.

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    In a dream the sight of a busy airport represents the desire for freedom and/or travel.

    If the airport is empty and deserted your own travel plans will be changed or delayed.

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    That you're looking for a new start somewhere else or may be something's bothering you and you're trying to get away from it.

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    No expert, but are you trying to "fly away" from anything in your life?

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