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What is your nickname that people call you? I'm called Jan short for Janet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tabi, Tab, Ty, Tabitha all short for Tybiatha. The kids at school call me Aryn's/Adrian's mom. I've been called "hey you", and "what's your name". Occasionally I've been called by my sister's name. My husband calls me Mechuda (messy hair) or the typical Mexican nickname mija (my girl). I answer to just about anything even the b word from time to time.

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    Mine's Jill for Jillian

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    Sher for Sherry

    Some people call me Sherbear

    Nick names are fun

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  • Sweets
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    Let's see, I'm called mom most often. Then there's Honey, Babe, or sugar muffin. lol

    Oh, by other people other than my family? I'm called Kristi, short for Kristina. But don't you DARE call me Kris!!!!! lol


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    Alas, new account holder! My nickname is really SuzieQ. I am the anon-e-mouse for anonymous.

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    i am called danthecanman! because i like to go out and recycle cans and bottles at times foir extra maney! canman is nickname

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    i am called ho'omaluhia. It is a Hawaiian word for bringer of peace. I am mainlander who married a local girl and was given my Hawaiian name be my wife's grandmother.

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    Gorgeous FP....long story

    Dannani cause my name is Dana

    and my EGG

    E- estonian

    G- guy

    G- girl

    and fishy.....actually there are quite few other nicknames....

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    People call me Judy for my given name, Judith. I've always hated my name.

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