Installing Drywall?

Do you do ceiling or walls first? Horizontal or vertical or does it depend?

Any tips on installation when you are doing a 3rd floor attic that has a combination of knee walls and slopes and crazy angles?


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    Do the ceiling first. Ideally you want as few seams as possible to reduce the amount of mudding you have to do. If possible make seams at the tapered ends of the wall board-- makes for easier mudding and less sanding

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    Do the ceiling first. I prefer to hang the sheets vertically if the room has an 8 foot ceiling. It usually means less cutting, less taping and less mudding. I think the horizontal/vertical thing is a matter of personal preference. I believe most professionals hang the sheets horizontally. I would do a rough drawing to figure out which way would work best in the room you are doing.

    I don't have any advice for the angles.

    Good luck. If you haven't done drywalling before just be patient with yourself. It takes awhile to get comfortable with it and it's messy.

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    Ceilings first. Horizontal or vertical, which ever gives you the least amount of cutting, and the fewest joints to tape and mud. When you have to make cuts for windows, door frames, electrical etc, draw a sketch and write down the measurements. Mark the drywall on the side that will be seen so you don't gets the cuts wrong. Use thin coats of mud. It's easier to add another coat, than to sand off a bunch of excess.

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    Ceiling first. Then start at the back of the room walls and do the sides next. Work your way out of the room.

    Horizontal or vertical placement is not an issue. Just put it on right. Stagger your joints. Chances are unless the framing is right on you will have to hang it horizontally. Depending on the size of the room - you usually do whichever will give you less joints.

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    Always ceiling first. Then walls same for the attic but you must measure every part going down and cut appropriately. After it's all done seam and mud it all up. Here is a little tip, instead of sanding when the mud is dry take a damp rag and smooth it out. Believe me it saves on dust all over the house.

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    mine was installed horizontaly bottem up...then i use 1/6 8 feet boards or longer where needed for the seams...looks english tudor style..corners are a bugger i used the space behind the kick wall for x-mas stuff anything needing to be in storage..don't forget a door to the space..

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    Ceilings first.

  • 1 decade ago

    horizonal is the way my dad does it and hes been doing it for years(over 20)

    also measure twice cut once! advice from my dad to me in the past. still good advice today! lol :)

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