Help estimating utilities?

I'm apartment shopping for an apartment for my fiance and I. I need help estimating utilities in central Alabama for about a 780-865 sq foot apartment with electric heating and stove and central air. There's even a fireplace so we wouldnt have to always use the heat during the winter but i guess I just want guesstimates based on if we did.... i need everything, power, water, cable averages!! thanks in advanced

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    The previous answer from Susan B is correct. It's the best way to get accurate information.

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    In most states you can call the utililty company. Give them an address and unit number (apartment number) and they can give you historical information for that apartment. They often will email or fax you a summary of the charges for the past year. There might be a small administrative fee, but it's probably less than $5. A good idea if you're not sure of utility costs. The apartment manager also may have this information. It's a valid question that I encourage you to follow up on.

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    Each state and area is different

    For 800 square feet your electic will vary from about 30$ ( in milder spring or fall months) to 100$ in the winter or middle of the summer. Alot will depend on how high you keep your AC and heat though

    Water should be 15-30$ a month, but that can often be incuded in rent or association fees so you may pay nothing for that. I had no water bill in my first apartment.

    Cable/internet/phone will depend alot on you, and what kind of package you get. I know many companies offer all three on one bill and it can be as low as 100$ for all of them.

    If you get cable by itself it ussualy around 30-50 a month and same thing for internet and phone.

    I would say altoghter you will range from 150- 250 a month for utilities.

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    Call the local eletric company and ask them to look up the last years total on that perticular apartment. Thas what i did.

    all you need to do is give the address. ABout the cable.. call and see what the packages would be. Should be from 40-150.00 or more a month.. that should include internet and phone and cable.

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    suited advice: call different utilities or visit their web content. i understand the utilities in PA have estimates for the style of folk and costs for the utilization for that style of folk. thank you or asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it. VTY, Ron Berue specific, it particularly is my genuine final call!

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