does anyone know if that pro active acne stuff work on the comercials?

I have ocassional breakouts and i have tried almost everything in the book. What suggestions are the best for clearing up acne? like home remidies... herbal stuff.... grass clipings? i have never heard of hat one before but 4 people has suggested it that it really works. Its a new one on me. any suggestions will be helpful. thanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it didnt work for me but my friend uses it and it works great on her skin!

  • Lisa A
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    1 decade ago

    I'm sure it can. It has been my experience that consistency is the key. You should do the complete regimen of cleansing, scrub, toning and moisturizer two times a day. All products are designed to go with each other, so if you use brand X for cleanser, you should use Brand X for all products. I hear Pro Active has a tendency to really dry out your skin to the point it peels a lot, but some people swear by it. I am a BeautiControl consultant and I find that our product works just fine as well. I've been using it for almost 30 years. One more thing... when you switch from one thing to another, there tends to be a 2-3 week period where your face reacts and sometimes unpleasantly!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I struggled with acne for years and I finally found the solution that works for me. We have been fooled, tricked, deceived, and just plain lied to. It's time that someone put a stop to it, and everyone learn the truth!

    Those of us who suffer from acne have usually been given 2 choices and neither of them work:

    1. Over the counter remedies such as cleansers, creams, ointments, etc. These things have been proven over and over again not to work. Why? It does not address the root cause of the problem.

    2. Go see a doctor and or dermatologist. They will generally prescribe prescription drugs which include topicals and or antibiotics. This, too, has been proven over and over again not to work. Why? It does not address the root cause of the problem.

    I found a step-by-step program that cured my acne and it has never come back. It is amazing and doesn’t use any drugs or doctors. The truth is that acne can be cured…if we know the secret the doctors and drug companies don’t want us to know.

    There is a great website: that has all the details. I really suggest you check it out and see if it works as well for you as it did for me.

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    ProActiv is about the same as Clearasil (they both have the same active ingredient benzoyle peroxide). I would recommend trying They have an Acne Line that contains products with at least four different active ingredients. One has sulfur, one has benzoyle peroxide, one has witch hazel and one of them has salicylic acid. So you gang up on the acne and kick it's butt. It's not cheap but it works and will last a very long time. Plus you don't have to join a stupid club like ProActive and keep getting your credit card charged whether you need the stuff or not. You only reorder when you need too.

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    Proactive has worked for some people that I know, but not for everyone. Arbonne has products that are beneficial for all skin types, including acne. They have a great acne line ( What many people don't know is that most soaps and cleansers on the market contain mineral oil, the molecular structure of which is too large to penetrate into the pores of our skin so it sits on the top layer like saran wrap. This causes dirt and debris to collect on our face, thus causing our skin problems. You want to stay away from products that contain animal products and bi products, too high on the pH scale, not actually been tested, contain alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, etc. These strip your skins acid mantel which is its protective layer and causes more skin problems. If you're open to giving it a try, I'm happy to help you.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    give things time.

    I get acne from exercising so much, and now alot of it is going away. But some pops up after I exercise.

    Drink alot of water.

    Vitamin E and Vitamin A are said to help.

    I exfoliate my face every 3 days and at night put on Vitamin E oil.

    Helping with my scars.

    For pimples, try a Dermotologist. Mine gave me some pills, benzol whatever proxide cream, and another thing that made my face red for 2 days that i never touched again.

    But its helping. And i use Acnefree face wash.

    and i use some sylicric acid (however you spell it) lotion in the day.

    But now, I want to know if proactiv works too, cause im thinking about using it to help me prevent pimples.

  • 1 decade ago

    Since commercials usually dont have acne problems, I cannot see how pro active acne would work on them. Furthermore, if you smear it all over your tv it will stay there and distort the picture even after the commercial is over. I think that's a bad idea.

  • 1 decade ago

    My sister has severe acne and tried pro active and it didn't work for her. She is now on a prescription that seems to work for her.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was pretty harsh and drying on my skin (this is the benzyol peroxide) i gave it to a friend and it didnt work for her either.I had more luck with stuff from the stores... try something with salicylic acid and check out

  • 1 decade ago

    SAVE YOUR MONEY.. It did not work for me. I too just have occasional breakouts, I purchased it, and NOTHING changed.

    Wal*Mart has a knock-off product, with the exact same ingredients, try that first.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have never tryed it but my sisters Dermatologist said it is a very good product and it does work.

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