Is taking your gas down to empty level bad for the car? If so, how?

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    It's always amazing how many people think you pick up the junk in the bottom of the tank if the fuel level gets low. Where do they think the pump usually gets the fuel from? The top of the tank? The pickup isn't floating you know. It always sucks the gas off the bottom.

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    If you mean you ran the car out of gas. No that is not an issue, the fuel we get today is filtered a lot better than in years past. But particles in the fuel usually float in the fuel. So the older the car the more partivcles likely thus plugging the fuel filter is possible.

    Another issue is moisture that develops in the tank from the heating and cooling of the tank. Moisture develops inside and depending on how fast you run through a tank of gas weighs on the amount of moisture that is "possible" Running it empty will suck that moisture up into the engine which if it isn't too much you will never notice but large amounts can cause the engine to stall and are more likely to freeze when it is cold outside...

    Source(s): 26 years Mechanic, 16 as a AAA/ASE Certified shop owner..
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    It is not really bad for the car. It is bad for the fuel pump though. The pump is cooled by it being submerged in the fuel. When you run it on empty, the pump is completly out in the open area of the tank. Thus, the pump will get hot. This issue is worse when driving during the summer. Always try and keep the level at atleast a quarter tank.

    Source(s): Work as a tech at auto dealership.
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    First you get rust and debris in the bottom of the tank and the fuel pump picks it up. It's bad for the pump plus it stops up the fuel filter. If the fuel filter ruptures internally, the trash get pumped to the engine where it clogs the injectors.

    Second, as gasoline is drawn out of the tank, air is drawn in which contains moisture. This moisture will condense inside the tank forming water which does two things. First, it causes the inside of the tank to rust and second, the fuel pump picks it up and pumps it toward the engine. The fuel filter will pass gasoline but not water, hence stopping up your fuel filter.

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    There'll be a condensation build-up in the tank, and the fuel pump will suck it into the injectors/carburator and cause issues there. Not only is it the condensation build-up in the tank, but if you constantly run it below a 1/4 tank, you can and will ruin the fuel pump.

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    yes very because not only does condensation build up in a empty tank(water) witch could rust and ruin inturnal parts.

    also most cars wiil get a clogged fuel filter and burn out the fuel pump costing a lot of money to fix ..

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    There are stuff that falls or collects in the bottom of the tank, the injectors squirt it the engine.

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    low level picks up dirt and water...fuel cools out often and the pump burns up

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