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is it aggod idea to have a shower and also wash the hair when you have high fever?

Also sweating because of the aspirine.Do you think just the shower's fine but not the hairwash?

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    A high fever will be helped by a cool shower. Washing hair is fine as long as you do not get chilled. Dry hair as quickly as possible to avoid this. If it makes you feel better, do it. You are probably sweating because of the fever, and not the aspirin. Depending on your age, and due to Reyes' Syndrome, perhaps you should try Ibuprofen or Tylenol instead of aspirin. Good luck and God bless

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    Yes you can wash your hair when you feel sticky or so or if you thing you will improve somewhat. It would not make you sicker or anything. If you don't have to, don't do it, because you'll be feeling cold enough just with the regular shower. And don't shower or wash your hair with too warm water. Make the water slighty cooler than just comfortable warm, because your body needs to get its normal temp back. I hope you get better real soon.

    Oh, and if you have sore throat...rub some Vicks vaporub on your throat and chest after the shower. It works for me all the time.

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    It CAN make you feel better but also if the shower is a hot one, can make feel feel weak and hotter when you get out. Having wet hair can make you feel chilled too. I would forego the hair and take a quicky warm shower. Hope you feel better soon! Have some chicken soup!

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    I've even used a tepid shower to get my baby sons fever under control when analgesics wouldn't get the fever down! Be sure to dry your hair well to avoid chills. Get Well Soon! ;-)=

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    Being clean even when your sick is good might even make you feel a little better! But a bath is a better way to go instead of the shower.

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    It might even make you feel better. Don't soak in a really hot bath or take a really hot shower. Make it just comfortable.

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    No way Jose, you'll make your fever worst!!!

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