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Ingenium vs. Class Five?

I have been researching new toilets for about a month now for my upstairs guest bathroom and am going crazy! Kohler has two flushing systems, Ingenium and Class Five, with the Class Five being the newest of the two. From what I've read online, a lot of people complain about the Class Five's bowl wash, saying that it's insufficient. But when I ask salespeople and Kohler's own customer service representatives, they all claim Class Five to be far superior. I wonder though if that is their "guess" because it is a newer flush system. I know the Class Five is a more powerful flush, but I don't plan on flushing rolls of toilet paper down at a time. Any with actual experience of these toilets have any advice for me?

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    I installed a super-flush toilet a year ago and we are quite pleased with its ability and performance. The seat area is larger and more comfortable. Actually uses less water per flush than the conventional types. Is higher off the floor and thus, easier to sit upon and get up from. But the best feature is the size of flushables that will go down that baby. There are regular visitors who are consistent in their ability to lay the largest eggs you can imagine. This always became very embarrassing for them as I had to use the plumber's helper each time those folks defecated. Not any more. Now they seem to be normal as that toilet is capable of swallowing anything they can deposit. They are grateful and so am I. Brand: American Standard; model: Champion (and it certainly is!!!) Go to:

    I couldn't find the Ingenium or Class Five, without manufacturer's name. So don't know anything about them.

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