My baby is 3 months old?

and i still have the pregnancy line on my stomach. how long until that goes away?????????


they are not stretch marks. its the linea negra

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    don’t think that linea negra will fade away with cocoa butter, but it will sure help smooth your skin. My baby is 4 month and I still have the line, but it’s much smaller and lighter. If you have pictures of your tummy look at them and you will be able to notice that the line has decreased its width and lightened in color. t goes away after a year or so, but some people have it permanently (on rare occasions). Think about how many women you know that had babies and have it? There is nothing that you can do or should do about it. It’s just skin pigmentation and will change with time.

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    My son is 7 1/ 2 months and I still have a very faint line. I was told it would go away by about a year or so. All bodies are so different. It is hard to say. My stretch marks on the other hand are completely faded.

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    i have it too. but when i was pregnant, it was so dark. i even have it on my legs, and doctors say that its usually on the stomach and face. it goes down in color. one of my doctors told me that it stays forever. that it might go lighter, but its always going to be there. my son is 8 months old, and i still have it. my doc says its the hormones that make that line. hopefully in time, its barely noticeable. i put coco butter since its so great for stretch marks and scars. I figure maybe it will work for that darn dark line.

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    If your talking about strecth marks they do not go away on their own. You need to put coco butter on them. Coco butter does make Stretch marks fade. Try Palmers Coco Butter my cousin used that after she had her daughter and within 6 months you could hardley tell she had a baby.

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    It can take a year before it fades away, some have it permentently. I didn't get one with my first pregnancy but did with my second, it's been 6 months and it's still there. It's lighter, but still very visible.

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    "The dark color of the linea nigra will gradually fade over a year, but that too may not completely disappear."

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    I didn't have one with my daughter, but this time around I do. My baby is almost 3 mths and it's stating to fade now.


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    Everyone is different. Just give yourself some time and it will go away. And it WILL go AWAY. Congrats on your Baby!!

    Source(s): Have two kids of my own.
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    It might not go away, but you try using coco-butter for it.

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