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my friend fancys me an he thinks its getting serious but were just friends what should i do?

i think my friend fancys me but i treat him like all my other friends, yet hes always trying to buy me really expensive stuff without me paying him back, i wont let him though. hes always asking me to come round to his house and its always just the two of us, he asked me out to go for a meal just the two of us!!!!!what should i do i want to say no but i dont want to upset him either!!!

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    you should arrange to meet the guy and wait until you both are totally relaxed and then bring into the conversation about how you feel about him telling him you like him lots but only as a friend and you like all your other friends the same, tell him you really want to stay his friend but your feeling a bit uncomfortable with the situation, let him reply and take it from there, if hes worth his salt he will respect what your telling him.

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    If you want to say no, then say no! What's the problem if he gets upset? You are not responsible for how someone interprets your communication. Your only responsibility is to be as direct and honest as possible.

    If you're not sure of his intentions, ask him what they are. Just because you have dinner with him and no one else doesn't mean it's a romantic date in his eyes. Many mature male-female friends go out to eat or hang out alone. However, if he's making you uncomfortable, there's no reason to live with that stress.

    Just tell him, "I am so glad we're friends, but I think you might be misinterpreting my feelings toward you. Your insistence upon giving me gifts and asking me out to dinner alone is making me uncomfortable. Please don't think it is more than friendship to me. If you can live with that, I'm glad, but if you continue to put me in this awkward circumstance, I will have to stop hanging out with you."

    All the best to you...

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    You have to put some distance between you and if that doesn't work sit him down and tell him how you feel. Don't lead him on by going to his home and being alone with him knowing how he feels and with out setting the record straight. That's not fair ...unfortunately it may put a strain on your realtionship but you should have said something in the beginning

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    Why do you want to say no? is it that you dont like him?besides he is your friend, if you dont go out with your friend then who?if you dont have that kind of feelings for him then stop encouraging those "two of us"kind of outing.

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    well dont say yes, that will just make it harder to break it off later. Tell him the truth, your not interested

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